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Mile High Report Hall of Fame Author voting is open

Five candidates have emerged. Only two will make it to the final round.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Mile High Report Hall of Fame Class of 2014 selection process continues. We've tallied your nominations for the Author category and can now open the polls to the five candidates listed below!

Please take a moment to read the nomination pieces for each candidate, which are excerpted below, then make your vote. You can vote for up to two authors - the number that will advance to the final round next week. The poll closes Saturday, July 19th at noon MDT.

The candidates

John Bena

AKA TheSportsGuru
Joined 2006
3,115 posts
Nomination received 31 recs

Lead writer at Mile High Report from 2006 to 2011

"Because while there are others who should be nominated, he should be first," writes CompUser. Adds AlbertaBronc: "Not only did Bena create MHR, he wasMHR during its golden years. Sure we've had authors who understood the technicalities and the statistics of the game better but very few out there have as much passion and love for the Broncos as he does and the fact that he could ramble on for hours at a time about the Broncos on a podcast and not be the least bit boring shows it."

Kaptain Kirk

AKA Kirk Davis
Joined 2009
1,489 posts
29 recs

Lead writer at Mile High Report from 2011 to 2012

"More later? Horn!!" pens Rodney Adams. Says Worthington: "As great as Kirk was on the pages of MHR, when I was briefly an author, Kirk was as influential behind the scenes. He kept things going and was helpful to other writers. Always dedicated to the Broncos. Very much deserved honor."

Jeremy Bolander

AKA Styg50
Joined 2007
605 posts
23 recs

"While Kirk and John are obvious nominations and I would vote for both men instantly, I can't let this process go by without nominating the amazing Jeremy. While he's still around making great comments, there was a fabled time when he'd grace us with his commentary and intellect on a regular basis." - Topher Doll

Steve Nichols

AKA hoosierteacher
Joined 2007
167 posts
17 recs

"His original MHR University work was outstanding," writes SteveUK. Adds orange&blue_aussie: "HoosierTeacher came along at a time when we as Bronco fans were searching for better content, and to understand the game of football better. John Bena was the passion, but MHR University made you feel like you were becoming a member of a club of some kind. Hoosier Teacher deserves a lot of recs."

Ted Bartlett

Joined 2008
66 posts
6 recs

"His contributions to MHR were phenominal and were like football candy to my eyes on our beloved site." - sadaraine

Vote here

Again, the poll closes Saturday, July 19th at noon MDT. The top two vote-getters will advance to the final round.

Feel free to share how you voted in the comments!