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Mile High Report Hall of Fame: Member voting is open

Which Broncos fans have best represented Broncos Country on Mile High Report? Eleven candidates have emerged. Only four will make it into the finalists round!

Jamie Squire

The Mile High Report Hall of Fame Class of 2014 selection process continues. We've tallied your nominations for the Member category and can now open the polls to the 11 candidates listed below!

Please take a moment to read the nomination pieces for each candidate, which are excerpted below, then make your vote. You can vote for up to four members - the number that will advance to the final round next week. The poll closes Sunday, July 20th at noon MDT.

The candidates


Joined 2009
575 FanPosts/Shots
Recent FanPost: Quick AFC Breakdown 2014
Nomination received 76 recs

With more than double the recs of any other candidate, j-man appears to be a shoo-in for the inaugural class of the 2014 Mile High Report Hall of Fame. Marcus Allen Krause - a Raiders fan, mind you - even wrote a Fanpost to support his nomination of j-man: "This outsider's opinion is that j-man is a champion... j-man straddles that fine line perfectly by saying his opinions, both good and bad, in a very respectful way that encourages debate and conversation. I have never witnessed a bad word towards a member even after an insult or insensitive comment."


Joined 2008
144 FanPosts/Shots
Recent FanPost: No Bull Review: Overall Denver Broncos Team Attitude
29 recs

"No Bull, enough said," writes Topher Doll. Big Pete agrees, saying, "He's first ballot material for sure."

Rodney Adams

Joined 2013
28 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: The General Manager John Elway: Winning from now on
29 recs

"He's very deserving and has too much knowledge / interaction to not be a first ballot guy," writes Big Pete.


Joined 2009
24 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: Throw the baby out with the bathwater
28 recs

"One of my favorite members at MHR. He's got a unique view of Bronco Country and he's not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone. He went against everyone when McDaniels was coach. One of the only people I've searched just for his comments," says Nick Cast.


Joined 2013
17 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: Realistic rushing statistics: A response to a post by voice for reason
22 recs

"Queen of the CBA and maven of all things contractual," writes Whorfin.


Joined 2010
48 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: Calikula's Imperial Weekend Open Thread: Character Edition
18 recs

"I nominate our mighty leader, Calikula, Emperor of MHR," Topher Doll says.

Fabio Broncos

Joined 2011
60 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: John Fox is not the answer
18 recs

Says CH74: "Our very own representative from the Southern Hemisphere!"


Joined 2011
4 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: This fan got saluted
17 recs

Whorfin's FanPost (linked above) was a nice first-hand tale of the Broncos' Salute the Fans tour. Eyes up, Whorfin!


Joined 2012
26 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: Would the Denver Broncos be interested in LB Jon Beason?
17 recs

"Classic example of long-time, passionate fan of the O&B, who also contributes often to the commentary," writes KRONK-00.


Joined 2008
30 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: The Truth
16 recs

"He doesn't comment much anymore, but he helped inspired the MHR Hall of Fame Committee that worked so hard to lobby voters for Floyd Little to get into the Hall of Fame all those years ago," says Tim Lynch.


Joined 2008
318 FanPost/Shots
Recent FanPost: Facebook ranks NFL fans
16 recs

Opines Topher: "One of the longest serving members of this site having been around since 2008, he always brings great input and not to mention has over 12,000 comments."

Vote here

Again, the poll closes Saturday, July 19th at noon MDT. The top two vote-getters will advance to the final round.

Feel free to share how you voted in the comments!