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Vote for the 2014 Mile High Report Sportsperson of the Year

The Mile High Report Hall of Fame Sportsperson of the Year award goes to an exemplary current or former Broncos person who demonstrated leadership, community service, and you guessed it, sportsmanship. Voted for by you, the fans.


The Mile High Report Hall of Fame Class of 2014 selection process continues. We've tallied your nominations for the Sportsperson of the Year and can now open the polls to the four candidates listed below!

Please take a moment to read the nomination pieces for each candidate, which are excerpted below, then make your vote. You can vote for up to two candidates - the number that will advance to the final round next week. The poll closes Monday, July 21st at noon MDT.

The candidates

Peyton Manning

"I don't think this really needs an explanation," said Sfeld, and it's hard to disagree. Peyton Manning is the classiest, hardest working player that may have ever donned the orange and blue.

But we will explain, because it is one of the main purposes of the MHR Hall of Fame selection process to inform, educate, and highlight the good works of Broncos Country. So let's talk about why Peyton Manning deserves to be Sportsperson of the Year.

Manning was named Sports Illustrated's 2013 Sportsman of the Year. Wrote Peter King, "At first, when I knew we were considering Manning, I thought: good choice. Lifetime-achievement-award choice. But if you isolate this year, you're looking at a player two years removed from four neck procedures that would have prompted many 35-year-old legends to choose retirement. "

Manning's 2013 season was incredible. He broke every record in the book. He got the Broncos back to the Super Bowl. All the while, his PeyBack Foundation has offered more than $10 million in grants and awards to at-risk youth, according to its website.

Writes ChiefChad: "The man is amazing! Though I hold a competitive spirit against the Broncos PFM is a man amongst men. To be at the top of your position and sport and to act and behave like he does is enviable. I root against him every week during football season. But I root for what he does on and off the field as a human being. Football is only a game being a decent human being transcends that."

Pat Bowlen

I wrote Bowlen's nomination, highlighting these facts:

In addition, in the light of the terrible state of the Rockies and the Monfort ownership, it adds to my appreciation of Bowlen, who has always taken championships more seriously than ticket sales. That's a definition of sportsmanship to me - to be more concerned about the state of his team's success on the field than in the ticket booth. It's a privilege to be a fan of this man's team.

Rahim Moore

Writes ozark_orange: "I nominate Rahim Moore, for the kindness he showed to the local man in the hospital suffering from compartment syndrome and to his family. I don't expect him to win in the face of this stellar competition, but I wanted to show my appreciation just the same."

I wanted to expand upon this. Moore has shown incredible class and sportsmanship in the face of constant, stiff criticism. The AFC Divisional Playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens will forever be a stain on Moore's career, and he is still the bud of many jokes - some that even go viral here on Mile High Report. He takes these slights better than I could - he uses it as fuel to work harder, and he reflects this negativity with positivity. He is a worthy candidate for Broncos Country.

Wesley Woodyard

Woodyard was the Broncos' Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee for three of the last four years. From -

The prestigious award historically recognizes a player for outstanding leadership both on the field and in the community.  Woodyard has earned the team's nomination for the honor in three of the last four years - 2010-11, '13.

A six-time team captain, Woodyard's nonprofit, the 16Ways Foundation, has an enormous impact on at-risk youth and hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including an MVP Dinner, multiple youth football camps and Touchdowns for Tomorrow Trivia Night.

16Ways Foundation is also scheduled to host its annual toy drive in December to benefit local charities, including the Tennyson Center for abused and neglected children.

Woodyard has always been an excellent representative for Broncos Country. His leadership and community service will be missed in Denver.

Vote here

Again, the poll closes Monday, July 21st at noon MDT. The top two vote-getters will advance to the final round.

Feel free to share how you voted in the comments!