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Mile High Report Hall of Fame: Class of 2014 Author nominations

Nominate MHR authors in the comments below.


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Mile High Report has been an online beacon of Broncos Country for eight years. As part of the shiny new Mile High Report Hall of Fame, we aim to honor those who made it so. Former authors of the site will be inducted and immortalized right alongside their favorite players, a tribute to their devotion to Broncos Country.

For the full rundown (including rules) of the Mile High Report Hall of Fame, please see our announcement post last week. Today we are accepting nominations for the Authors category. Any former MHR author is eligible.

Broncos and authors of Mile High Report would not be considered here; there are separate categories for these. You can nominate Broncos players, coaches etc. right here.

How to nominate

In short, leave a comment!

You can nominate a member of Broncos Country by leaving a comment below. In the subject line, write, "I nominate [Author name]." In the body of your comment, leave your reasoning behind the nomination. You can also quickly leave your nomination in the subject line then work on the body of your nomination as a reply to your original comment.

You can also write your nomination material as a Fanpost, which is highly encouraged to get even more eyes behind your reasoning for a candidate and give him or her more visibility and support. An example Fanpost nominating Randy Gradishar can be found right here; the last step would be to write your comment in this thread then link to that FanPost in the nomination body. I will fulfill that request in the comments below.

Example nomination:

Comment subject: I nominate John Doe

Comment body (optional): John Doe is Broncos Country. I rest my case; nothing more needs to be said.

How to support a nomination

Support a MHR Hall of Fame nomination by recommending (rec'ing) the comment. You can also reply to a nomination to add more content to a nominee's package. These will be compiled and included in the next phase, voting.

How nominees advance

The top five candidates with the most recs (minimum 4 recs) will advance to the next phase of the selection process, fan voting, to begin Tuesday July 15th. Nominations close Saturday, July 12th at noon.

Good luck to every Broncos candidate, and thank you for helping us tell the tale of Broncos history from the fans' point of view!

New to Mile High Report? Sign up to join the discussion and nomination process!