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Horse Tracks: Adam Gase finds the criticism of his offense "comical"

Good Morning Broncos Country!

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Over the last few weeks the Denver Broncos offense has gone through a transformation right in front of our very eyes. After the defeat in St. Louis where we saw the Broncos only run the ball 10 times, they became a more balanced/run first team instead of the pass happy team they were prior.

Ever since that embarrassing loss to St. Louis the Broncos have gone 3-0 against three teams fighting for their playoff lives. Peyton Manning has a 6-to-2 touchdown to interception ratio, and he's completed 66.3% of his passes. The Broncos offense has averaged 30.67 points during that span as well. However fans and media people are asking "what's wrong with the Broncos?" or "What's wrong with Peyton Manning?".

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase finds this comical.

"It’s comical to me," said Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase. "We heard the same thing about [Patriots QB Tom] Brady, and he’s been ripping the league apart since then. You never doubt players of this caliber, I know that. I’m pretty sure every defensive coordinator is not thinking that."

I am with Gase; I too find all this worrying to be comical. Just three weeks ago Manning threw 4 touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins, and had himself a good game at windy/cold arrowhead against a good Chiefs defense. Now just because Manning did not throw a touchdown against the stingy Bills defense he's "washed up"? I don't get it.

What the Broncos are trying to achieve is an offense that can do everything. They can spread it out and pass it 50 times effectively if needed,  slow things down and run the ball effectively, or just be a dangerous balanced attack. That's what running back C.J Anderson hopes this offense can achieve in the very near future.

"We're hoping that one day, where [the opposing defenses] decide to bring that eighth guy down into the box, we let 18 (Manning) do what 18 does best, so it kind of [becomes] pick your poison," Andeson said. "But if we can be efficient and balanced from here on out, we can put both of them together, and stop leaning on one or leaning on the other. The time we can put both of them together would just be amazing."

It would be amazing.

Vote Chris Harris into the Pro Bowl:

I get that the Broncos won't be participating in the Pro Bowl again this year, but lets vote our guys in anyways. They deserve the recognition.

For whatever reason cornerback Chris Harris is being snubbed once again in the fan voting part of the Pro Bowl. He's outside of the top ten vote-getters at cornerback, and only eight guys will make the Pro Bowl.

So lets change that.

Vote here

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