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Denver Broncos top stories of 2014 on Mile High Report

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It was a banner year for this Denver Broncos community, enjoying tens of millions of page views in our eighth season. From a Seahawks fan's letter to Coach Fox to Peyton Manning getting penalized for taunting (and the Super Bowl in between), here are the stories that you hit the hardest in 2014.

From 'Seahawks Fan's Letter to Coach Fox' in February 2014
From 'Seahawks Fan's Letter to Coach Fox' in February 2014

Here are Mile High Report's Top 10 stories of 2014 (based on traffic numbers). Thanks to everyone for a terrific 2014!

10. Former Broncos players call out John Fox, Broncos coaches

Fans complaining about the coaches is a weekly tradition in Broncos Country. Former players are usually a little more political with their critical tweets. Not Sunday.

This happened after the Rams loss - former players from Mark Jackson to Brian Dawkins were calling out Coach Fox's questionable playcalling and the players' perpation preparation. If things go well this postseason, I think we'll all look back at the loss to the St. Louis Rams as a turning point for the Denver Broncos - in a good way.

9. Super Bowl 2014 final score: Seahawks destroy woeful Broncos 43-8

Danny Trevathan Super Bowl loss

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

From the first snap, the Denver Broncos were awful. Somehow, it would only get worse.

No surprise this makes the Top 10; it was the biggest event of the calendar year, after all. But let's react the way the players we love have reacted to this game since, by moving on...

8. Wes Welker hit from Earl Thomas during Peyton Manning interception should have been flagged

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker was the victim of a brutal hit by Earl Thomas on Peyton Manning's fourth quarter interception. And while the Seahawks played a good game overall, in my admittedly biased eyes, this was a personal foul on a defenseless receiver.

Interesting that this spawned a mini-debate in September that would become a full-blown conspiracy theory for Broncos fans by December once the Bill Vinovich - Peyton Manning connection was made. More on that in a bit...

7. Ultimate fans predicting a blowout in Foxboro...and we're not talking about snow

Terrance Knighton Tom Brady

Photo credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos are heading to a blustery Foxborough today to take on the New England Patriots Sunday. Everyone knows this is a big deal - whether they admit it or not - so we once again have not just one but two Ultimate Fans ready to give us some awesome - and occasionally hilarious - insight to a game that is becoming redundantly played in the frigid Northeast.

Broncos fans were hyped for Brady-Manning XVI, so much so that this article got picked up on the front page of Yahoo! If only our Ultimate Fans had been right!

6. Peyton Manning gets flagged for taunting

After a contentious week of practices highlighted by several skirmishes and a lot of trash talk,  Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense extracted a measure of revenge from a secondary that couldn't keep its mouth shut all week. Late in the 1st half after several lackluster drives and even a poorly thrown ball for an interception, Peyton Manning hit Emmanuel Sanders on touchdown passes of 67 yards and 29 yards.

This was pretty badass, and Bronco Mike did a great job of capturing the taunt with a screengrab and mandatory-in-2014 GIF before anyone else.

5. Peyton Manning pays small but unforgettable tribute to fallen Broncos fan

Peyton Manning Chris Crowson tribute

Photo credit: Denver Broncos

You probably didn't notice the unfamiliar name written on Peyton Manning's hand towel during training camp practice last week. We didn't. Such subtle acts sometimes need to be pointed out.

This was one of two feel good/viral posts from 2014 that got plenty of play in social media. Thanks to everyone on Facebook and Twitter who shared this story (as well as our #1 story below); we hope you liked it.

4. Broncos vs. Seahawks preseason 2014: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming and more

Does the result of a Super Bowl rematch matter when it's a preseason game?

"When's the rematch?" Apparently, a lot of Broncos fans wanted to know. Denver's meaningless Super Bowl rematch was the most-hyped preseason game we can remember, and the search numbers support that.

3. Out with the Orange? Is a new Broncos uniform design in the works?

We think Broncos fans just wanted something else to talk about

An interesting rumor has popped up on the Denver Broncos subreddit that says a Denver Broncos uniform change is in the works. According to the poster, Nike wants to make the Broncos "the Oregon of the NFL," and orange need not be the primary color. According to the rumor , Nike has been greenlit for a new color scheme altogether.

Shortly after the Super Bowl, a reddit thread caught fire with a believable rumor about someone who knew someone who knew a Nike employee who knew the Broncos who knew... you get the idea. Nothing ever became of this rumor, but we think it was popular in large part because, a few days after that Super Bowl loss, Broncos fans just wanted something else to talk about.

2. On Peyton Manning, NFL referee Bill Vinovich, the Broncos, and facemask penalties

Bill Vinovich Peyton Manning

Photo credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

By now you've probably seen the stat. The Denver Broncos, with Peyton Manning, are 0-4 when Bill Vinovich is referee. In fact, Peyton Manning is 0-6 in his career with Vinovich, since Vinovich was promoted to referee in 2004.

Our second most popular post of the year was written five days ago. That's remarkable in that this post would have likely been #1 if the timing was different. Peyton Manning's 0-6 record (0-5 record in games that he finished) with Bill Vinovich is still curious, and we're hopeful the NFL (or someone) takes a closer look at this phenonemon soon.

1. Seahawk Fan's Letter to Coach Fox

Dear Coach Fox, Let me start by saying I’m a Seahawks fan but don’t let that stop you from reading further. I live 20 miles north of Seattle, I have a Russell Wilson jersey, I follow all their news and games and I even put up green and blue Christmas lights this year. But…I’m a Colorado native and I was raised by my dad to be a Denver Broncos fan. I still am.

Appropriately, Mile High Report's #1 post from 2014 wasn't written by a member of the staff; it was a FanPost. That's the way it should be. You are the heart  and soul of Mile High Report. Thank you for making 2014 our best year ever!

And thanks to this Seahawks Broncos fan for sharing her touching story as the Super Bowl drew near.

Bonus: All the records Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos broke in 2013

Peyton Manning

Photo credit: Thearon W. Henderson

It was a record-breaking year for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in 2013.

Technically, this post was written in 2013, but it lands on No. 11 on the list of posts in 2014. I include it here because, to this day, this remains my favorite post I've ever written. It was fun to write, fun to compile, and fun to put together, and I think it came together in a really aesthetically pleasing way. My hope is that people will find this page through searches or references from other pages and re-live what an exciting season 2013 was.

If you'd be so kind, let us know your favorite post on MHR this year in the comments!