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Horse Tracks: 15-Yard Penalty for Dunking the Football?

Finally, the NFL has tackled this long pressing detriment to America's enjoyment of the game. A basketball move on a football field? NOT IN OUR NFL!

...but that's a FOOTBALL!!!
...but that's a FOOTBALL!!!
Garrett Ellwood


In a move that nobody saw coming (or cared about), the NFL has outlawed dunking over the goal post as a touchdown celebration. Apparently, the action now violates the long-standing moratorium on using props in celebrations. Is the goalpost the prop? The ball? What happens if a player goes up as though he were going to dunk it, but then doesn't? Does the rule not come into play because the crossbar didn't come into play? Can we get a review on this? It's getting confusing and silly.

Baby Come Back!

After leaving the Dolphins facility last Friday with out a deal, Broncos fans had their hopes stoked for a return when ESPN's Jeff Legwold reported that Broncos are open to bringing back free agent RB Knowshon Moreno. Shaun Phillips would also be welcomed back... for the right price.

Raiders HC Dennis Allen Has Lost His Marbles

"We have a quarterback now that’s on par with the quarterbacks in this division," Allen said Tuesday at the NFL Annual Meeting, per Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.

Pssssssst... He's talking about former Texans QB Matt Schaub... Yes, the turnover machine. Yes, the guy that got clobbered by former Broncos LB Joe Mays and lost half his ear in the process. Okay, I'll spot you Alex Smith. He may be Alex Smith good. Philip Rivers? I won't exert all that much energy defending that guy.... Peyton Manning? I say this in all seriousness, someone please check the carbon monoxide detectors in Allen's office. Incidentally, Joe Mays signed with the Chiefs on March 12th. Do you think Mays'll get the chance to get the other half of Schaub's ear?


It makes me feel good to hear a Harbaugh (John? Jim? Latoya?) losing sleep over moves that the Broncos make. Here's hoping that he's underestimating us.

RIP Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson

Let's not forget that without Ralph Wilson's courage (and money) to help found the American Football League, the Denver Broncos might not exist (or at least not like we know them today). He lived a long and full life, passing away at the age of 95.

Kenny Walker Sighting

There has only been one deaf player to ever suit up for the Denver Broncos, DL Kenny Walker. Walker is back in Denver (Highlands Ranch) teaching track to with the aid of an interpreter.