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Horse Tracks: Around the AFC West Edition

As though waiting for draft day wasn't hard enough already, the NFL went ahead and made things harder by moving the draft to May. It seems like just yesterday that the Denver Broncos were wheeling and dealing in free agency, and now that excitement has given way to draft preparation. Things have seemingly gone quiet. Not just for the Broncos, but for other teams. Here's a look at what's going on in 2013's most competitive division in the NFL, the AFC West.

Thearon W. Henderson


WR Demaryius Thomas is still recovering from the shoulder injury he suffered in the Super Bowl. He was not present with the other Denver recievers at Peyton Manning's informal summer passing camp at Duke University, but is expected to be ready for training camp.

Don't get your hopes up, but is 'floating' the idea that the Broncos are an 'under-the-radar' team angling to land former Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson. The Broncos would need Johnson to come cheap for that to happen. So, it's probably not going to happen. It's fun to dream though, isn't it?

It turns out that Denver Broncos head coach John Fox is relieved to have gotten his contract extension. One can only imagine the night sweats he gets thinking about his lame-duck year with Carolina in 2010. Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore will do that to you.


Like the rest of the AFC West this season, the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the Buffalo Bills. Unlike the rest of the AFC West, the Chiefs will be doing so for the seventh year in a row. At first glance, I too thought this would be an easy win for the Chiefs, but it turns out that in the last six consecutive meetings, Kansas City has been victorious only two times... Oh, and this year they play in Buffalo... or Toronto... They are not at home.

Needless to say, Kansas City has noticed the moves that the Denver Broncos made in free agency... and ESPN has noticed the lack of moves the Chiefs have made. The need for them to hit a home run in the draft is too great to ignore.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS highlighted fourteen games that make it worthwhile to be a Chargers fan. Of the fourteen (not including honorable mentions), four were games against Denver, four were against Kansas City and none were against Oakland. C'mon, are you that surprised that this was yet another list on which Oakland came in last? Check it out.

So it's pretty slow in Charger-land. The only other thing of note is the Charger Girls Auditions. Remember Broncos fans, we keeps it classy.


Raiders WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN! Okay, that's one win for each of theirs in the 2013 season. Although there is a 'silver' lining... they recently won's twitter bracket challenge. Apparently, Oakland has the 'greatest logo in football'... Whatever that means. noticed that the Oakland Raiders acquired three pro bowlers on the defensive line and has declared them the 'most improved position group in the AFC West'... But why stop there? Considering the terrible metric that is the Oakland Raiders 2013 season, one could easily make an that same argument for just about every position on the Raiders roster. When you're at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. Just kidding. The Raiders will find a way to outdo themselves in 2014... They always do.