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Peyton Manning hasn't looked right in practice, says Broncos teammate - Horse Tracks

An anonymous Broncos teammate tells CBS' Pete Prisco of Denver's practices of late, "You could tell something wasn't right." Notes on John Fox's future in Denver.

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We have a very bitter pill to swallow this morning, Broncos Country. Not only are we one-and-done in the playoffs once again, but the immediate future of the Denver Broncos-Peyton Manning marriage is in serious doubt. The experiment that is Manning-in-Denver may be over three years in, as Manning showed signs of age at the end of the 2014 season (no matter how much some of us didn't want to hear it), struggled with accuracy and mobility in Denver's playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts, and was noncommital about returning  for a 2015 season.

To top it off, Pete Prisco of CBS has a somber read where he writes it "feels like" the end for Peyton Manning, while quoting an anonymous Broncos player.

I talked to some Broncos players who said Manning was throwing more picks in practice in the past six weeks than at any other time. Before the game, some Colts veterans expressed to Broncos players that Manning's arm looked spent.

"You could tell something wasn't right," one Broncos player said of practice the past month. "He just didn't look like 18 out there."

Manning said he needs time to process this loss. I think we all do too. I don't believe over 50% of us truly want to see someone other than Peyton quarterbacking the Broncos in 2015.

I do believe all of us want someone better than the Peyton we watched finish the 2014 season. Maybe that's Manning himself.

Fire John Fox?

John Fox was reportedly coaching for his job Sunday, and he didn't coach well enough to win (or really even be competitive after the 1st quarter). So is he done?

We're watching the news wire closely, but right now it's mostly speculation and rumor. The Denver Post reports there were no discussions about firing Fox heading into this game. However, there is a different storyline brewing: friction between Fox and John Elway causing Fox to walk out the door, or perhaps, a desire by Fox to call it a career.

If Fox leaves or is fired, one possibility for Elway would be his longtime friend, former backup quarterback, and ex-Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. Last night, the Baltimore Ravens OC announced he would be staying in Baltimore.

Still, some seem to believe Kubiak may pick up the phone if John Elway came calling.

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