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It's SB49 but let's talk Atwater to HOF, 'No media' Marshawn, Manning does good

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When the Seahawks and the Patriots square off on Sunday night, I'll be watching my favorite Broncos highlights, which obviously include Super Bowl 32. I know you shouldn't live in the past, but it works quite well when the present is a drag. And then I'll dream of the future and our 19-0 record next season.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

Now that the Broncos coaching questions have been answered but it's too early to argue over players, I have some discussion homework for you all before the weekend.

Of course, since there's not really an important game on Sunday, you can save it for then if you'd prefer.

And don't only fail if you don't participate.

Topic 1: Atwater to the HOF

The NFL Hall of Fame inductees for 2015 will be announced Saturday night, and there are two very deserving Broncos among that group - running back Terrell Davis and safety John Lynch (stay tuned for MHR stories on each).

Both are Hall-of-Famers in my opinion (TD unquestionably), but both are on the bubble for earning that gold blazer and a bust in Canton.

But if we're going to have any conversation about potential HOF safeties, then let's give a Mile High Salute to one of the best free safeties to don the Orange and Blue uniform - Steve Atwater - who should absolutely be in the Hall of Fame

For a quick reminder of what a stud Atwater was, check out this clip originally created by Jon Heath:

In 10 seasons with the Broncos and one final year with the Jets, the Chicago native logged five sacks, 24 interceptions, six forced fumbles, eight fumble recoveries, nearly 1,100 tackles and one near-knockout on the "Nigerian Nightmare" Christian Okoye of the Chiefs.

Atwater earned eight trips to the Pro Bowl and helped bring Denver two Super Bowl trophies. And as we head into Super Bowl weekend for a game our favorite team is unfortunately not playing, I can't think of a better Broncos era to reminisce about than the late 90s.

Discussion points: Do I even need to ask if you agree with me on Atwater's inclusion in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? I didn't think so.

This man deserves to be in Canton too.

Topic 2: Sports media and the Super Bowl

Marshawn Lynch has been getting more media attention for not talking to the media than just about any player not discussing DeflateGate this week in Phoenix.

But if you think Lynch doesn't want the attention, you are so, so wrong.

He knows what he's doing. In fact, his little gig is the hottest press conference in town. As Deadspin writer Tom Ley pointed out in the ultimate of ironies, reporters are mad at Lynch for giving them a much better story than if he had answered their banal questions:

"No, seriously, this guy is mad at Marshawn Lynch for showing up at Media Day and giving columnists something to write about, which is literally what he was asked to do."

While I don't care for his attitude and don't buy that he really doesn't want the attention, I actually don't blame him.

As Dashiell Bennett of The Atlantic notes, for the most part, nothing interesting comes out of these press conferences anyway.

"Athletes are notoriously guarded, and the questions are inane. Inquiries like, "How did you feel?" and, "Talk about that one play," typically receive canned, clichéd responses or pointless platitudes about giving "110 percent" and never quitting. Then all 12 reporters reprint those quotes in 12 different media outlets and fans are none the wiser about the people or the game they love."

Exactly. I hate that second week of Super Bowl hype (and not just because I don't care for the Seahawks or Patriots...I didn't like it last year either).

The hype drags on forever, there are no more good football angles to cover, all the advertising companies have released their full, uncut commercials online anyway, reporters ask terrible questions and the players can't possibly be getting any more rest and/or prep (which would be the only good rationale for having a second week).

Discussion points: Good idea or bad to have two weeks before the Super Bowl? And, is Lynch exploiting his "not talking to the press M.O." here or is he really just that annoyed?

Topic 3: Why I'm rooting for the Pats

I know, I know. Blasphemy. Many of you would much prefer to see the Patriots go down in flames on Sunday than hoist a Lombardi. I don't blame you. After all, a hated AFC rival is a hated AFC rival - which almost always beats out even an NFC team that has had our number too often of late.

But barring any well-timed natural disaster, I'm going to be hoping the Patriots pull this one off on Sunday. Do not fear, I have no love for Bill Belichick, Tom Brady nor Gronk - all of whom have combined to expose the Broncos' weaknesses way too many times and have been part of a cheating culture for way too long.

And even though I believe - and secretly hope - if the Pats win, it will add an asterisk to the entire season because of the cheating cloud hanging over the New England locker room, that is not my main motivation this weekend (though, nothing will make me happier about this season than if the final game - the one we could not be part of - remains shrouded in suspicion).

In honor of my friend, good rivalries and a prayer for bragging rights next year, I'm cheering on his favorite team this weekend. Or at least, for the other team to lose.

No, the reason for my Pats support this time is in honor of a reader who is both a Pats fan and a good man. Since week 9 when our hated AFC rivals silenced the Broncos, he has read my stories and emailed with humorous insight to the Broncos' woes and some down-to-earth critique of his own favorite team's success.

I look forward to his emails every Monday because it reminds me what fun sports rivalries are - nothing (too) personal, just good fun and the hope that you get to be the one bragging the following week.

My friend's 93-year-old dad (also a long-time Patriots' fan) passed away last week ... so in honor of them, good rivalries and a prayer for bragging rights next year, I'm cheering on his favorite team this weekend.

Or at least, I'm really cheering for the Seahawks to lose (which isn't hard...I really can't stand them.)

Discussion points: Which team are you hoping more to lose?

Topic 4: Great honor for Manning

Peyton Manning is in Phoenix today to accept a highly deserving award voted on by his NFL peers - the Bart Starr Award for leadership and character.

I can't imagine there's a better player out there for this award, but it's great to see his teammates and competitors alike feel the same.

Congrats, No. 18!

Discussion points: Should Peyton Manning...haha - just kidding. I think we've covered that one enough.

Last but not least, SB32:

There's no discussion needed for this...just enjoy reliving highlights of one of our greatest seasons ever and this Super Bowl gem that never gets old:


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