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Broncos will meet with agents of Demaryius Thomas, Terrance Knighton, Orlando Franklin and Rahim Moore

Four impending Broncos free agents will meet with the team this week... Peyton Manning hasn't made a decision yet... Tons of 2014 NFL scouting combine news.

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A number of impending free agents may be taking steps toward contract resolution in the days and weeks ahead, but, as it so happens, there's good news and bad news to this story.

First the good news. During the NFL scouting combine this week, the Broncos plan to meet with the agents of Terrance Knighton, Demaryius Thomas, Orlando Franklin and Rahim Moore, all impending free agents. While Knighton said Wednesday that he's been "frustrated" with the lack of communication with the Broncos so far, this development would suggest Knighton speaking out about those frustrations may have been premature.

Next, the bad news. There is no meeting scheduled, with Julius Thomas' agent, The Denver Post reports. The Post believes he wants to test free agency, which is consistent with the story Julius' presumed father told us Tuesday via the MHR comments section.

Meanwhile, Jack Del Rio toes the line of tampering with his comments about Pot Roast.

"We drafted him, we thought at that time he was kind of a dancing bear type," Del Rio said Wednesday at the NFL's scouting combine. "A big powerful man that could stay on his feet and run down the line. So, you know, this game is about big, powerful men so the guys that have the skill level can do their things. This big powerful man played well in Jacksonville, we got back together, he played well in Denver and so I appreciate that and I respect. We have to have those kinds of people in our trenches in the offensive and defensive line in order to play the kind of football we expect to play."

Peyton Horse Tracks

Gary Kubiak planning Broncos offense with Peyton Manning in mind
It's hard to imagine Manning, who wasn't a mobile quarterback 10 years ago, running a naked bootleg, a play Kubiak perfected with former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer a decade ago. But Kubiak said it doesn't have to be that way. There will be compromise, with a combination of the language Manning is familiar with and pages from the old playbook. Kubiak retained several of the Broncos' offensive assistants for continuity, including Greg Knapp (quarterbacks), Tyke Tolbert (receivers), Eric Studesville (running backs) and Clancy Barone (offensive line). "We had Joe (Flacco) in Baltimore last year, and I think we booted maybe 25 times in the season. You do what your players do best," Kubiak said.

Broncos' John Elway says Peyton Manning hasn't made a decision - The Denver Post
"He hasn't made a decision yet," Elway said as he embarks on his fifth NFL scouting combine as the Broncos' boss of football operations. "I know he feels better. We had a good talk."

Kubiak: 'No doubt' he wants Peyton Manning back
"He's had his self-assessment or however you want to label that and he feels good about moving forward. We'll just continue with the process." The "process" has also involved multiple conversations between Kubiak and Manning -- none of which specifically focused on football, per NFL regulations that prohibit work on tactical matters until organized teem activities begin. "We visited about a lot of things, but no football," Kubiak said. "He's very positive in his talking to me; he was very positive with John when he came to town last week. So we continue to move forward and I'll let him and John work that out.

Gary Kubiak said Denver Broncos building offense for Peyton Manning - ESPN
"I think he can do anything he wants to do; you do what your players do best," Kubiak said. "It’s interesting to me -- I’ve been asked over the course of the last month since I’ve been in Denver about the bootleg and those types of things. We had Joe [Flacco] in Baltimore last year and I think we booted maybe 25 times in the season. You do what you players do best. We’re going to run the Denver Broncos offense."

Combine Horse Tracks

Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak: 2015 NFL Scouting Combine press conference - NFL Videos
Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak addresses the media at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine.

Five things we learned at Combine: Denver Broncos - ESPN
Kubiak said he likes to call plays and run the scheme he always has, but he’s prepared to put verbiage in the play-calls that quarterback Peyton Manning is familiar with. Kubiak said the coaches already are "in the process’’ of "meshing’’ what Manning has used with the Broncos and what Kubiak has used in the past. And when it comes to running the no-huddle, he’s ready to let Manning do that as well. "He’s, obviously, at the line of scrimmage, as good as there has ever been in this game,’’ Kubiak said. "You don’t ever take that away from your players and it’s something I look forward to talking with him about, his mindset, his philosophy.’’

Denver native Roberts continues path toward NFL
For Colorado State fans, the name is a familiar one and that he prides himself in succeeding in dire situations is no surprise. In his last season as a Ram, he took down Utah State in the closing seconds with a 46-yard field goal as time expired. His three field goals were the Rams’ only points after an opening touchdown in the first quarter, hitting kicks from 52 and 46 yards before the game-winning field goal.

Countdown to Combine: Denver Broncos LBs - Denver Broncos Blog - ESPN
As they install Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense, they have plenty to work with at the position, starting with impact edge rushers in Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware to line up at outside linebacker. Add in Brandon Marshall, the team's leading tackler this past season, to move into one of the inside linebacker spots as well as the Broncos' hope for a healthy return of Danny Trevathan, and that's a quality group. But the Broncos will still be on the hunt for a bigger, early-down presence on the inside to go with building some depth behind Miller and Ware.

Potential Broncos: Combine OLs, TEs
A handful of players Denver might be considering selecting in the 2015 Draft

24 takeaways from Wednesday at the combine -
New Raiders coach Jack Del Rio drew laughs when a reporter asked if Derek Carr will be his starting quarterback next season -- something nobody questions. "I certainly would hope so," Del Rio said. "You're not trying to jinx me now, are you?"

NFL Combine Day 1: 'The doctor will see you now.' - The Denver Post
Prospective NFL draftees don't flinch at benching 225 pounds until exhaustion or trying to beat their personal best at the 40-yard dash. They do dread one sentence: "The doctor will see you now."

Mayock: Which prospects will teams target in 2015 NFL Draft? -
Mayock talked about Peyton Manning at length when asked about the team and thinks he can still get it done at the quarterback position. Draft-wise, though, the analyst thinks La'el Collins is the best right tackle prospect in the draft but isn't sure he'll be around to perfectly fit the Broncos' needs when they pick at No. 28 overall. That means Andrus Peat could be the pick, or they can wait until the second round to get someone like Oregon's Jake Fisher, Wisconsin's Rob Havenstein or Penn State's Donovan Smith.