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Orlando Franklin denies saying he won't return to Broncos - Horse Tracks

Orlando Franklin is in Jamaica, man...

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos right tackle/left guard Orlando Franklin is probably going to get paid this offseason. And probably not by the Denver Broncos. It's a simple numbers game for John Elway, and we've seen many times how he's not willing to (over)pay in free agency.

But that doesn't mean Franklin has said he's not coming back to the Broncos.

Via Twitter, Franklin continued: "I'm in Jamaica, been here for the last week. Was in Cabo, Mexico before that and Toronto, Canada before that so I don't know when or how I spoke with a reporter for them to report that."

The 'reporter' he's referencing is most likely Brandon Spano, radio host of Mile High Sports in Denver, who reported widely on his show this week that Terrance Knighton has confirmed he isn't coming back and that Franklin is also likely gone. Spano grouped the two together in the same headline, which may have caused some confusion. It appears Spano never said Franklin said he was gone; Spano just cited a source.

Perhaps Franklin was actually directly responding to tweets like this -

It's the danger of relying on shock jock sports radio to get your reports. Words get twisted, and then facts get twisted, even by other established NFL media accounts on Twitter, and pretty soon you're playing a game of telephone. Except in this version, you're online, in social media, and everyone in the world can see how you mistook, "Let's eat, Grandma" for "Let's eat Grandma!" Not appetizing.

Generally, here's the order in which I trust "media":

  1. Adam Schefter. If he reports something about the Broncos, it's fact. Go get a tattoo about it and sleep like a baby.
  2. The Broncos themselves.
  3. Mainstream media - The Denver Post, other ESPN guys, USA TodaySports Illustrated. They're usually pretty good, but the story is exponentially more believable once more than one reporter gets in on the act.
  4. Other blogs, radio guys, and my gut/common sense (all about equal).

Your results may vary.

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