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Horse Tracks: Broncos 2015 Draft, Round One edition

Wow! The first round of the 2015 NFL draft is in the books. Thursday night, the Denver Broncos traded up to the 23rd pick to select defensive end Shane Ray out of Missouri. While the Kiper-isms involving talk of a faster-than-usual motor and an explosive first step are encouraging, many Broncos fans were left scratching their heads over the selection of a player who just days ago was popped for marijuana possession. Let's wrap up day one of the draft!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's never good when you're in the discussion the week of the draft because of something negative. The seemingly endless Winston vs. Mariota talk was interrupted on Monday when Denver's newest Broncos was pulled over in the wee hours of the morning with weed in the car.

Former Mizzou defensive end Shane Ray issued citation for pot possession | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star

Of course, he apologized.

Shane Ray: All I can do is learn from my mistakes -

I'll level with you. I was surprised to see the Broncos move up and select Ray. I mean, not Tebow level surprised where I had to step outside and gather myself from the blindside surprise.

I wasn't even Maurice Clarett surprised where I had I suddenly felt like I needed to take a nap. No, this was the kind of pick where I felt like I didn't know what to think.

Clearly the kid has talent... and issues. Pundits from all angles immediately chimed in to praise and deride the pick for his off the field issues and what many fear is a lingering toe injury. What's a Broncos fan to think?

Missouri’s Shane Ray drafted in first round by Denver Broncos | The Kansas City Star

Denver Broncos draft Shane Ray at No. 23 despite drug-program status | ESPN

I don't know if Shane Ray is going to be a stud for the Broncos. I know his sleepy eyes don't do him any favors in photos. I know that Jameis Winston's red flags are more vibrant than Ray's and Winston went first overall. I guess time will tell.

So what's in store for the rest of this year's draft?

The Broncos will likely draft a quarterback.

Denver will probably not select offensive tackle La'el Collins in light of the ongoing murder investigation he's a part of. So let that be a lesson, draft prospects: Weed, yes. Murder, no. That includes you, Hernandez, Carruth, and others.

Who do you think is next to join the Broncos?

Actually, hold that thought. I've got one more thing to say. Every year ESPN and NFL Network break for commercial on Denver's picks. Anyone else notice that? It doesn't matter where they draft, you can bank on it every time.  It's got to be part of the Broncos Hall of Fame snub thing. What's the deal?


Broncos running back Montee Ball sees himself taking back the Broncos starting job. The time is now for Ball to show some razzle-dazzle. Broncos Country embraced C.J. Anderson faster than they turned on WR Julius Thomas and needs to see something early in the season.


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The Oakland Raiders selected the top wide receiver in the draft, Amari Cooper effectively ending any hope he had at a long and prosperous career.

San Diego

The San Diego Chargers moved up two spots to select Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon.

"Picking at No. 17, we had about 15 players we felt really good about at that pick," Chargers general manager Tom Telesco said. "I'd say about seven of those 15 we felt were impact players. He was one of those seven, and we just we had to get him."

If that's not a total vote of confidence, I don't know what is.


The Chiefs went defense with the 18th pick in the first round of this year's draft. Marcus Peters, who left his team mid-season last year due to clashes with coaches, will be eyeing Peyton Manning's passes from deep in the backfield.