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Horse Tracks: Implosion edition

In 2002, the only home that the Denver Broncos had ever known were demolished. Mile High Stadium was another in a string of hallowed sports buildings that were being torn down to make way for new stadia (or stadium parking as is the case with old Mile High). Considering all the wonderful moments Broncos fans had there, I consider us lucky that the old gal went out the way she did. Most often these concrete testaments to the game's past are detonated and disappear in a cloud of smoke in a matter of seconds. Not so with Mile High. She was taken apart piece by piece allowing those in Denver to see her drift away a little at a time. It means a lot to old time Broncos fans that there's no video of it toppling forth upon itself in just a few seconds.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

If you ever get a chance, try to catch NFL Films' There Used to Be A Ballpark . It was part of their Forgotten Treasures series hosted by the late and great Steve Sabol. In the Mile High Stadium episode (shared with Foxboro), season ticket holders, former players, and sports writers (Woody Paige) walk around Mile High in a late stage of demolition and share their greatest memories of the team and where they played. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a link to it or I'd have it posted here.

Why do I bring this up?

Hollywood Park Racetrack was just imploded to make room for the future of the NFL in Los Angeles.  Stan Kroenke's desire to relocate a team to Southern California just got a little more real.

While I'm sure the new stadium will a wonderful place to watch the Broncos stomp the home team (whoever they are), I was kind of sad to see Hollywood Park go. Many nights of dollar hot dogs, beers, and more than one concert by Colorado based band The Samples were spent there. It's kind of a downer.

What makes you feel better after seeing something you sort of cared about getting demolished? Watching things you cared nothing about get demolished!

Three Rivers Stadium

Texas Stadium

Riverfront Stadium

Veterans Stadium

Seattle Kingdome

Horse Tracks

Renck: Denver Broncos' offensive line must prevent hits on Peyton Manning - The Denver Post

The man is 39 years young, people! It kind of goes without saying that this is the case... about any quarterback in the league. Although, in light of last week's injury to LT Ryan Clady, this has never been more true.

Kubiak sits Manning, other Broncos veterans after Clady injury | FOX Sports

Speaking of the Clady injury, it's good to see Kubes taking precautions to keep the vets healthy.

Omar Bolden looks to get his kicks on returns for Broncos - The Denver Post

Bolden wants to return kicks this year and he wants it bad.

Mason's Mailbag: Offensive line thoughts, white pants and more

I always love talk about uniforms. Mason touches on the white pants with the orange stripe and the uniform of Super Bowl XXXII. What do you think? Should the Broncos wear the throwback blues when they host Green Bay this year?

Ex-Packers coach Mike Sherman takes high school job -

Speaking of the Packers... Did not see this coming.

Jets up Brandon Marshall's salary with reworked deal -

Marshall deserves it. After enduring all those years with Jay Cutler, something positive should should shine upon him.