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A Triple Crown for the Broncos?

Hey, it could happen. It will happen...the question is just when will the Denver Broncos bring home their third Lombardi.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Good Sunday morning, Broncos Country!

In honor of yesterday's incredible Triple Crown winner, NFL Network had this interesting stat:

Comparing a great Bronco to a phenomenal horse only seems appropriate, doesn't it?

The Broncos thought so too:

And here's an interesting tidbit - there is only one current Broncos player who was alive the last time a horse won the Triple Crown. Care to make any guesses?

As I'm prone to do, I'm going to take the whole "unlikely odds that any horse can win the Triple Crown" thing as a good sign that the Broncos can win their third Super Bowl this season.

I know, I know.

But it's June...and another horse did it.

Horse Tracks

Steelers, Packers, Seahawks possess top triplets for 2015 season -
But from previous seasons, the Broncos weigh in at No.7 with the triple threat of Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas and Knowshon Moreno in 2013.

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After combining with Von Miller for 21.5 sacks last season, Denver Broncos pass rusher DeMarcus Ware believes the duo is ready to smash that mark in 2015.

Denver Broncos' C.J. Anderson works to remain top running back
C.J. Anderson is atop the Broncos' depth chart for now, but the competition to be No. 1 continues.

John Bowlen dubs himself the "blood of the city" | ProFootballTalk
The son of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen previously had a low-level position with the team, from which he's now indefinitely suspended. But that didn't stop him from identifying himself as the owner of the team during the incident that got him suspended.

Prater thinks NFL will eventually take kicking out of the game | ProFootballTalk
At least one NFL kicker believe the National Football League in time will take the foot out of football. "I feel eventually that they're just going to take kicking out of the game completely, which is fine with me as long as I'm done playing," Lions kicker Matt Prater said.

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The Cleveland Browns are trading a 2017 seventh-round pick to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for three-time Pro Bowl punter Andy Lee.

Bruce Irvin: 'I would love to be in Seattle' -
In a two-week span last month, the Seahawks declined Bruce Irvin’s contract option and the linebacker was quoted as saying he wanted to play for the Falcons. On Saturday, Irvin was singing a different tune.

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New England's cornerback exodus has led to speculation that the Patriots might move Devin McCourty back into the role, but the Pro Bowl backstop said this week: "I want to play safety."

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