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Are you superstitious, Broncos Country?

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The next step is getting that special jersey on in a hurry.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

It’s a Friday on a Broncos bye week, which means no one is really taking football seriously.

So rather than rehash the previous game (because...well, we’ve done that) or look ahead to a game 10 days away, I decided to go a little crazy and talk about superstitions.

Yeah, go ahead and pretend you don’t have any. Tell yourself that when you pick the same jersey to wear for every home game and you only drink a certain beer during the game that it’s just a "habit," not possibly a superstition. We’ll believe you. We promise (wink, wink).

But I won’t lie to you. Although I know in reality that what I wear doesn’t affect the game, I still change jerseys like Donald Trump changes transition teams when things start falling apart during a game. I even bring extra jerseys with me on my annual trek to a game at Mile High (and sometimes extras for my family members too!)

Of course it’s not actually helping us win, but maybe it is...(I have a lucky pair of orange-striped underwear that I have to wear too...heaven help our team if I ever forget those! I didn't have them for the Raiders game - I know, I know - but I made sure for the Saints and look how that turned out?)

My favorite question to ask in the UFG is about superstitions because it never disappoints (some of you are A LOT crazier than I!!).

So I figured for a Bye Week Friday, a little levity would be a good thing.

You're welcome :)

Arimaris: Elway jersey goes on either right before leaving for Mile High or as the game broadcast starts. It comes off as soon as I am home or once the game is completely in hand.

OrangeAndBluesBros: Don't believe the stories about me kicking people out of the room if they walk in and the game suddenly turns bad for the Broncos.

Metalman5050: Whether or not my watching the game makes a difference in the outcome. I had missed watching a string of games and we had won every game, only to watch the next one and we lost. Ya, I know. I'm not going to stop watching because of that!

Calikula: I rotate between my Elway jersey or my Von jersey. Once one of them loses, the other one gets worn the next game, along with my lucky Broncos socks.

ADanishMan: If Denver isn't winning at halftime, I usually go switch hats to a Broncos beanie and snag a refill on the Orange Crush. It is what it is.

Whorfin: (for the record, I am NOT superstitious. I merely have the capability of discerning causal relationships that others do not). "The Shirt" does not get laundered after a victory but does after a loss. The more redolent it gets, the better. A long win streak affords me plenty of elbow room at the sports bar.

BrooksKnolley: I won’t wash my jersey until we win the Super Bowl, and I always put the jersey on the second I wake up.

Spworldtour: "Don’t get excited about it." It’s very important that I don’t make a big deal about a game. No getting my friends together, no going to a sports bar. The more excited I am to watch a game, the more likely it is to go badly.

H-Bizzle: I must always stand! I cannot sit down and watch the game.

mdierk: I don't have a major superstition, but I did ban a food to be served on game day. I used to have make homemade chili using venison or elk burger. The first game I cooked this up in the crock pot was the Baltimore playoff game where the Broncos were Vinoviched; the second time was Super Bowl 48. Thanks to those traumatic games, chili has been banned ever since on game day.

Draco: I drink from an orange cup first thing, Broncos comforter on the top of the bed, Elway jersey most of the day, half hour before kick off the old school flag goes up, and I put on my game day jersey, blue sweatpants, and Orange and Blue chucks.

Shasta77: I don’t sit for the entire game, usually pacing back and forth relentlessly, and if certain spots in the room become "lucky" I revisit them often.

FloydBoyd: LOL, I have to wear orange underwear, an orange t-shirt and orange socks. All three HAVE to have a Broncos logo on them also!

And one UFGer pointed out why these crazy superstitions may not be so crazy after I asked if Mile High Magic was real?

Peyton Manthing: Tim Tebow won a playoff game here. I’ll leave it at that.

Now for the rest of you - admit to us your superstitions, er... "your capabilities of discerning causal relationships," and be prepared to follow through next week.

Because if there’s one thing that is for certain, it’s that this Broncos team needs all the help it can get for these next six games (and beyond!)

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