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Horse Tracks: Injuries, QB's, and an apology

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Happy Christmas Eve!

Due to being down to one TE, Henry Krieger-Coble was promoted to the 53 man roster. From what I understand, his weight was why they waited so long to do this. It's often normal for some guys under 25 to fight keeping weight on and to do it correctly. I was hoping to see this move long ago because I've had an issue with only three TE's all season. If all they have him do is block as a 6th OL next to Stephenson, call me happy. Anything extra is cake!  Big Hank has been practicing against our LBs and DEs for months. Good for him to get some game experience so they have film to evaluate for next year.

In order to move him up, QB Austin Davis was relieved. Kind of a sad thing right before Christmas, but I believe, if needed, they could bring him back later. Choosing him says a lot of things. It says that if we go down two QBs we're done, so better to gamble on having some blocking. Hopefully, it also indicates we're going to try and run more and move Trevor. If he's not picked up off waivers, it also says no one thinks our offense is worth stealing from.

So, using this to launch into another topic on QB's. My beef all season wasn't personal towards Trevor, how can someone not like Trevor? He's not Jake Cutler, he's more like Brain Greise or Kyle Orton. Perfectly nice guys with limited skills who tried their best. My issue was more about the coaching issue and the PR blitzkrieg. The last two weeks and especially this week, are a perfect example.

After the Tennessee loss, which to me, was a bad coaching call to even start him when it was clear he was ailing, the media went on a tear to make it not his fault and to even blame others. I've never seen that from Denver in all my years as a fan. They usually just ignore the bad and focus on the next game coming up. The same after the NE* game. This is to cover for Gary, in my opinion. Believe he was the right choice, then it also means Kubes was right, too.

Tell me which 7th string QB could go 0-3 with the PO's on the line, with a first string waiting behind him, get such a pass? Not just a pass, but promoted for the next couple years?! Seriously. The more we lose, the more the media ramped up, selling us him. If he goes out and wins the next two games because of his play, then the rumors would have a leg to stand on, but to be saying he's the future while we're outside looking in? Um, no. He's ranked mid to bottom 20's in any metric you pick. It's not like he's been brilliant and everyone else around him has failed. Granted, our OL isn't great and our play calling/game plans have been poor, but he's not reading defenses or making tough throws.

The rookie has played 2.5 games and Elway is going to say, oh, nevermind? We're going to keep him benched next year and roll with the 3-5 (since week 8) QB. If you believe that, then you don't know John Elway. He went out on a limb and moved up to get a guy he wanted. One he was calling as far back as last November when Osweiler was still playing. Elway is not going to risk his ego by not even playing this guy for a year or two. That's saying he was wrong. Not just wrong, but colossally wrong that he can't even start him for two more years. No. Elway isn't going to judge a rookie who goes in off the bench on two starts two months apart with little prep time. Elway had a poor rookie season, he knows all about not judging so quickly.

Here's my apology. I was wrong to be so harsh on Trevor. He's a Bronco and did his best. Just like Osweiler did last season. My real problem wasn't with him, but with Kubiak not wanting to keep Sanchez and/or start Lynch and use this year as an offense rebuilding year. I should have kept my opinion limited to that.  Should have hoped for the best instead of preparing for the worst. The worst being we don't win a PO game and wasted a year on a QB we won't be playing next year. So, here I am hoping for the best. That Gary and Elway both made the right choices. That Trevor can go all the way and that Lynch makes so much progress this summer, he becomes the starter and we have two young QBs for years to come.

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