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Von Miller is crushing souls one quarterback at a time

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Next up: Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans

NFL: Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Broncos Country!

It’s a good day.

Despite having to watch one of our most-hated rivals win last night, the chips fell in favor of the Broncos still being able to make a run at winning the AFC West - provided the Chiefs and Raiders both drop another game plus lose to the Broncos in their second matchups.

But all of that is a possibility, and it has me feeling a little giddy this Friday morning. So much so, I have a confession to share:

I have a huge crush – let’s go ahead and call it an Orange Crush – on Von Miller.

Don’t worry. It’s no stupid seventh-grade girl crush, and MHR did not suddenly turn into the sports equivalent of Cosmo Girl.

This is still a football blog, and my crush is all football, I assure you (well, I do have a secret wish to waltz with the man, but I’ll save that post for the offseason). Plus, I have a feeling there are few man-crushes out there for Miller.

Because seriously, the man is a beast on the field, and I love watching him go after the quarterback play after play after play. After hold, after chip...

And whether or not he is successful in his QB quest, Miller is the real deal, wreaking havoc everywhere on the field. When it’s all said and done, I predict No. 58 will hold similar hero status as No. 7 and No. 18 among Denver fans.

He is that much of a difference maker, that much of a leader for this team.

For the record, my crush is no sudden epiphany.

It began during the playoffs and was capped with his Super Bowl MVP presser when Miller credited both his record performance and the defense’s dominance to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

And it has been growing exponentially this season as the edge rusher continues menacing quarterbacks despite being held, chipped, double-teamed and occasionally horse-collared – enduring it all without complaint.

But my crush hit a season high yesterday during Miller’s presser after practice.

"Every year at the beginning of the year, coach has everybody stand up, ‘What’s your name and what is your position?’" Miller said. "Every single year I stand up and say, ‘I’m Von Miller and I play defense. My job is to make big plays for my team. However I can make them, stripping the ball, sacks or pass breakups. However I can get them, that is my responsibility."


Then our playmaker noted that he never sets a number goal for sacks anymore.

"In my sophomore year in college, I set a number. I told myself that I wanted to get 15 or 16 sacks, and I ended my sophomore season with three," Miller said. "I told myself after that that I’m not going to put a number on sacks. The following year I led the NCAA in sacks [17]."

/man after my own superstitious heart.

When asked if he would need to tone down his rushing this weekend to account for a mobile Marcus Mariota, Miller was undeterred.

"Me tempering down my pass rush? Never."

/I may have just batted my eyelashes once or twice.

But the ultimate crush moment came when Miller was asked whether the double-teaming was a sign of respect.

"I’m not looking for respect. I’m trying to make plays. I’m trying to ruin the game."

/get the smelling salts

Football crush aside, Miller is a special talent, and as Broncos fans, we must not take his defensive prowess for granted.

For obvious reasons, No. 58 is in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year as he leads the NFL in sacks (13.5) and is tied for second in number of QB pressures (28). He also hit the 70 total sacks mark about as quick as any player in history.

More importantly, no matter what his stats end up being after a game, the fact is no team can afford to leave him one-on-one or it will pay. And the fact is, half of the time, teams can’t even double-team him and be sure of containment.

This kind of scheming around one player is not insignificant.

"I’ve never seen a guy double-teamed as much as he was last game. It was phenomenal," Phillips said this week. "I was talking to their coaches after the game and they said that they weren’t going to let him be the difference. He was the difference. That tells you how good he is."

Fellow edge rusher DeMarcus Ware praised his protégé.

"He started the season off where he ended last season. He’s doing what he needs to, especially in high-pressure situations," Ware said, noting Miller’s intensity until the whistle is called. "I’ve seen on tape where the tight ends are chipping and the running backs are chipping, and now Miller’s pulling the tackle back and now he’s getting a strip-sack to win the game. That’s a want-to."

Sacks or not, Miller’s biggest "want-to" is to get the win. And even with such a high-caliber defense needing to bail out a young and struggling offense, Miller mostly just pays attention to what he considers his only job – playing great defense.

"Whatever [the offense] does over there is what they’re going to do. On our side of the ball, we’re stacked with great leadership from the cornerbacks to the linebackers to the defensive linemen to the outside linebackers," he said. "We need to go out there and play great defense."

That will certainly be true Sunday when the Broncos face the Titans, a 6-6 team fighting to take the lead in a three-way tie for first place in the AFC South. Beside second-year quarterback Marcus Mariota, the Broncos will have to account for running back Demarco Murray, currently second in the NFL with 1,043 yards.

"You've got one of the best offensive line groups and you've got one of the best running backs," Miller said. "When you put them together, you get the Tennessee Titans. …They have all of the weapons to be great, but we have to make sure that they don’t get it all together and put it all together on Sunday."

In other words, the Broncos need to crush their souls.

Nothing my football crush can’t handle.

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