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Countdown to Super Bowl Sunday - just two more days

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The second week before the Super Bowl always feels like a month. Luckily that "month" is almost up.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!


I am sooo ready. After a nearly a week on the West Coast following the Broncos around on their media opps, I am even more excited for the Super Bowl than I was after the AFC title game.

And here's why:

The Broncos are ready

If you thought you were ready for the game to start, how do you think the players feel? Gary Kubiak said last week that the team could have been ready to play last Sunday if there hadn't been the usual Super Bowl bye week.

And the Broncos have certainly had good practices this week with news of Brandon McManus kicking 68-yarders and Peyton Manning hitting the deep ball. They've experienced all kinds of game situations this season and have had to dig deep more than several times to win games. All that experience will be extremely useful Sunday.

Most of us probably have a little hesitation about getting too excited because we remember 2014 and we just don't want to allow ourselves to believe this team is different because the heartache that will come from a loss - or a blowout like two years ago - is just too much to fathom.

But let me stop you. This team is not that team. And that team was still special. It was an offensive juggernaut that got beat. Plain and simple. Well, ok, it got pulverized. But it was still a team to be proud of. I may have listened to Peyton Manning's pressers too much this week and adopted his talking points, but honestly, they are good talking points. It was a good team. This is a good team. It's a different team.

I see a quiet, 'been-here-before' confidence that is channeling the excitement toward aggressive, leave-it-all-on-the-field play. That's a good thing.

This 2015-16 team is built around its defense; it has different coaches and a different leadership philosophy. While several of the players are the same, many of the playmakers now did not play in that game. This is a new team, and trust me, it has a new energy. I wasn't paying as close attention to this two years ago, but I recall an outwardly confident and excited team. This year it's a quiet "been-here-before" confidence that appears to be channeling the excitement toward aggressive, leave-it-all-on-the-field play. That's a good thing.

These guys are ready to be done talking to the media but they haven't gotten worn out. They know they have a job to do here, and talking about it is all part of it, so they took a deep breath, handled the hype, enjoyed some attention and are happy to move on. From a very objectively biased viewpoint (like that?), I think the media, the incessant attention, the insane questions have worn down the Panthers a bit more.

This team has great character

This is a special group of players. As outsiders, we were made aware of it many times during the season - the way the team rallied around Brock Osweiler but kept supporting Manning; the way the team embraced Manning when he came back but gave Oz plenty of props; the way DeMarcus Ware's mentoring of Von Miller has really developed into a friendship; the way the defense as a group has become a fraternity of its own; and on and on.

But what was cool this week was to genuinely see it in action. These guys love playing football and they love doing it with each other. Some are real characters - Miller and Emmanuel Sanders come to mind first. Some are the "cool teacher" who can joke around like the kids but have a commanding presence that says "in charge." Ware and Darian Stewart fit that bill. Matt Paradis is young, but also grounded and smart - the perfect guy to be the lynchpin on the offensive line.T.J. Ward is soft-spoken but if you just mention that people aren't believing in this defense, you can see the blood getting hot under his skin.

For 53 guys who stem from all kinds of backgrounds and are all different stages in their careers, this is a cohesive group.

Defense is the new offense

This one is no surprise as they've been telling us all season that they like winning the game. What's so impressive though is that they've also been doing it all season. And they truly want it to be that way. I spoke to a dozen players on defense this week and every single one mentioned in one way or another that they prefer to have their backs against the wall, to be relied upon to make a big play to win, to get the ball back, etc. In fact, I think a few of them might actually think they are on offense.

I realize my enthusiasm for this team may not be quite enough to get you pumped up and/or overcome any anxiety about the game. But this hype video on the defense just might make you punch a wall (in a good way, of course).  I highly recommend watching several times - possibly even during a workout, but definitely a few hundred times before Sunday. But fair warning - you may want to remove breakable items from your radius.

A week in Tweets

With so many player soundbites each day, it's difficult to keep up with all the material, so keep an eye out for several stories to come as we enter a relatively quiet two days before Super Bowl Sunday. But in the meantime, here is a Twitter highlight reel of some of my favorite conversations with our favorite players.

Thank you, Mile High Report

Being able to cover the Super Bowl like a real reporter has been completely awesome, and I'm stoked about culminating the week with covering the game. Thank you, Kyle, from the bottom of my Orange and Blue heart for pushing to get MHR credentials again and for allowing me to be the representative.

Thank you SBNation for giving us the credentials (though you owe us big-time since we clearly had had two requests approved but only one provided - grrr).

Thank you MHR readers for giving us an awesome audience to write for.

And mostly, thank you Broncos for GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!

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