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Bold 2016 prediction: Broncos take AFC West, vie for conference title once again

It's going to be tougher than the past five years, but the defending AFC West champs (who just happen to be the Super Bowl champs, too) will take the division - and conference - again. Mark it.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

It's starting to feel like real football now that we're taking a break from quarterback rumors and talking about the actual games that will actually be played this season.

And if you ask me, the Broncos' schedule is a darn good one.

But if you ask the guys at, they apparently think the Broncos will crash and burn as they consider both the Panthers and the Colts to have among the easiest schedules in the part because of playing the Broncos.


The disrespect to this team is astounding. Sure, there's a question mark at quarterback. Sure, some top players defectedwere traded. Sure, some rival teams definitely improved in the offseason.

But how can you say things like, "Even though the final year of Peyton Manning's career was a bit of a mess, we're assuming the Broncos will be slightly worse this season, if not markedly worse than they were in 2015."

Assuming slightly worse if not markedly worse??

Nonsense. Did they forget Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Derek Wolfe, Sylvester Williams, Brandon Marshall, Aqib Talib, Chris HarrisDarian Stewart, T.J. Ward and Bradley Roby still play for the Broncos defense? A defense that, oh by the way, is coached by the Assistant Coach of the Year and his bear-wrestling compadre?

Admittedly, I drink the orange and blue Kool-Aid on a regular basis, but to assume that no Peyton Manning means suddenly no one at the Broncos can play football anymore is to be smoking too much of the wacky weed.

No, this will not be an easy season (are they ever?) but as my favorite GM likes to say, there's "a lot of upside" to this schedule. And yes, we could easily be 10-6 or 11-5. We could also be 16-0. Keep the faith!

1. Super Bowl rematch to open on prime-time TV

Cam Newton and the Panthers will come to Mile High seeking revenge. And my bet is Newton will be a lot less talkative before the game and Ron Rivera will have his team fired up to show the world what they thought they could do in Super Bowl 50.

But this game will be at Mile High, with championship fans making it riotous and the altitude making it breathless. If there's ever a game where our offense and its new QB is taking on the 2015 NFC champs and its very worthy defense, it's the first game of the year when all teams are a little rusty. And with eight of 11 returning starters on defense, I'm sure Newton will still running from Miller & Co.

Plus, it's primetime, and this team loves the lights.

2. Road, bye schedule favorable

Broncos open with two home games before having to go on the road and end at home against an AFCW rival.

Sometimes a late bye week just doesn't come soon enough, but given that Broncos will play Thursday, Oct. 13, at San Diego and then not play until two following Mondays later at home against the Texans, there is a nice mini-bye in the first third of the season.

The bye week will come before a rather tough final stretch that will see the Broncos face the Chiefs twice, the Raiders and the Patriots. Having a rest in Week 11 may just save the Broncos.

3. Mile High welcomes Panthers, Patriots, Texans and Colts

Aside from playing our AFC West foes at their home stadiums, Broncos got the luck of the draw with teams coming to Denver.

The Panthers will be a tight game, much better to be in Denver. The Colts have been a huge rivalry of late and the Broncos have two recent losses to Indy to erase, and a home crowd makes that tall task easier.

The Texans have J.J. Watt and that's about it. Oh, and apparently a hotshot quarterback who's making a ton of money after just playing seven regular season games. Can't wait to see if he's any good and if this is the beginning of a beautiful rivalry.

And, of course, the Patriots. As usual, the world expects them to be atop the AFC this year, so if all goes as it should, this game could decide home field advantage once again. So once again, it's nice this game is going through the Mile High City.

Bring on the Mile High Magic!

4. Lots of prime-time games

While I'm biased here because prime-time games mean that even in the Carolinas I'll get to see the Broncos, I also think our players get hyped up for the night games.

And hyped up Broncos = winning.

Granted three of our five are away games, I don't buy into conspiracy theories (sorry, Tim!). Rather, the Broncos have tons of experience playing in big away games, so I think they could even have an advantage over their opponents. Plus, playing at San Diego is just like playing at home :)

5. We could be the Miami Dolphins

Can you say, "screwed?" Seriously, new head coach and former Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase gets to start off with two away games across the country from each other - Seattle in Week 1 and New England in Week 2.

And of their first seven games before the bye, four are against playoff teams from 2015.

My way-too-early-in-the-season prediction:

16-0 (until we ain't), baby!

"Any time you win your division, you're going to get the top dogs in the other divisions in the AFC," Elway said of having New England and Cincinnati on the schedule. "When you come off a world championship, you're going to get everybody's best shot."

When you come off a world championship, you're going to get everybody's best shot. -John Elway, Broncos' GM

Like Elway, I know it's almost impossible to win back-to-back Super Bowls, so I'll temper my enthusiasm a bit for the sake of reality and dial my 16-0 back a bit to 12-4 (I'm superstitious and 13-3 doesn't work out as well for us in the end!)

Truth is, Broncos could just as easily be 11-5 as 16-0, but I think the team leaders, the motivation to win and the coaching staff will keep this team fired up and prepared for victory.

But in reality, I think we'll split 1-1 against both the Chiefs and the Raiders and could lose to either the Patriots or Panthers at home as well as the Bengals on the road, giving us a 12-4 record - still good enough to take the AFC West and vie for the entire conference.


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