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Horse Tracks: Draft Day is here!

We have NFL action happening in a big way tonight! Let's get our fill of what draft coverage is out there, look at a couple of big boards, and get the beer and brats ready for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There's something about this year's draft. Maybe it is all the QB hype. Maybe it is the big trades happening leading up to the draft. Maybe it is our lack of a solid answer at QB preceded by the retiring of a legend in Peyton Manning preceded by our third Lombardi Trophy.

All I know is I usually am not this excited about a draft. This year, I'm stoked to see what happens with our team. Are we going to trade for Kap? Are we moving up to grab Lynch? Are we going to have another great player fall into our laps like we have in recent history?

We have a really great General Manager and that makes this time of the year exciting in a very positive way. You may not agree with everything the Broncos have done over the past few years, but you can't deny that it has been mostly positive steering of the ship by Captain John Elway.

Broncos News

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Denver Broncos' Von Miller confident a deal will be reached soon
While there hasn't been a lot of negotiating just yet, Von Miller believes he'll soon have a long-term contract with the Broncos.

NFL Draft News

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