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Grading, welcoming the Denver Broncos' Rookie Class of 2016

After an intense NFL Draft Weekend, the Broncos finished the three-day event having added competition, depth, athleticism and tons of "upside." It was a good draft.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Broncos Country!

Wow, what a Draft weekend, eh?

ICYMI, here's your Denver Broncos Rookie Class of 2016:

Since it's very popular (if not ridiculous) for sports pundits to give grades after each round and overall, I decided I should jump into the fray because, seriously, how hard can it be to throw out a letter and give an opinion? (and after listening to these guys all weekend, it clearly doesn't have to be the right opinion to get paid to say it)

You know what grade I'm giving John Elway and the Broncos scouting crew? An A of course. As the resident optimist, I'm sure you expected that, but to keep you honest, I'm knocking it down to an A- (because I'm sure they misspelled a name on the draft board at some point).

But yes, I'm going with the bold "A for excellent" grade - and you know why?

Because I didn't recognize a single player on that board other than Lynch. Yet, as soon as the Broncos drafted those players and I read about their "upsides" (my favorite of all Elway's clichés), I immediately loved each one:

Adam Gotsis who? Oh wait, Bill Kollar begged for him, actually banged on doors for six weeks asking for him? OK, I'm sold.

Justin Simmons - is Karl Joseph gone? Oh, who cares, I just watched Simmons jump and I'm pretty sure he could leap over tall buildings with a single bound. Sign him. Now!

Devontae Booker - really? Oh, but almost 2,800 rushing yards and over 600 receiving yards in just two seasons? Keeper.

Connor McGovern? His twitter handle is "McGovenator" and he has great hair. This is all I need. Well, that and the fact that he was 99-0 as a wrestler. Preeeetttttyyy certain that's a good record and he's as strong as an ox.

Andy Janovich - is that pronounced Yawnovich or Jan-avich? Woah, a fullback! Best part, he averages four more yards per carryafter the first hit. A few backs on the current roster could learn a thing or two about this.

Will Parks - didn't we already take a safety? Oh right, NoFlyZone and all that. Always need depth. Just look at last year. Great pick.

Riley Dixon - we did not just take a punter, did we? Well, Britton Colquitt's contract is pretty expensive. Savvy competitive move there, Elway. Genius. (plus, apparently Dixon points his toes).

So seriously, it was a strong draft for the Broncos with some big-time athletes in some positions of need as well as just great players to add depth and keep this championship train rolling.

Obviously, Elway and our guys did their homework and found gems even outside the "most talked about" college stars over the last two months.

I'm really excited about it. I think it fell really well for us and we really got a lot of good football players and good guys. -John Elway on the Broncos' 2016 Draft Class

And when you remember that the Broncos were picking at the bottom of every round (a good problem, but nevertheless a challenge), the Broncos came away with some steals (Simmons and Booker, for example) that attests to our GM's studious approach to the process.

Bravo John Elway. Bravo Broncos.

"I tell you what, I'm really excited about it," Broncos' GM John Elway said on Saturday of the Broncos' draft. "I think it fell really well for us and we really got a lot of good football players and good guys. I'm really thrilled in how it fell."

Head coach Gary Kubiak is also feeling pretty darn awesome about the new guys coming in.

"I think one of the things that really impressed me is ... we've got a Super Bowl football team, but yet you look at this draft and I think we've got some guys that are going to help our football team immediately," Kubiak said. "That's very impressive."

Welcome to Denver, Rookie Class of 2016!

But now a few words of wisdom for you. These aren't coming from me but rather from Larry Fitzgerald, a nine-time Pro Bowler at Arizona, and it's excellent advice. Here are some highlights of my favorites:

"This is the NFL, there are no weak links. You're playing against men - against professionals - and every single one of them is probably just as driven and passionate about this game as you are."

Fitzgerald writes that nothing beats Sundays, and if you can be great on this stage, you'll be remembered. But it won't come easy. Every team has great players, the best of the best. Stay focused on the hard work required because the game will pass you up quickly if you don't.

"Ignore the bad things said about you, but don't buy into your own hype either."

Fitzgerald recommends a small inner circle of people who will keep it real with you. And if you want to be that guy who blows his first paycheck on bling, you "need a damn wake-up call."

"When you join your team for your rookie season, make sure you keep your mouth shut and your eyes open."

Is there better advice? I didn't think so.

Many of you have experienced some stardom in college, and many of you will have that opportunity in the pros. But for every success story in the NFL, there are at least a dozen busts. You may be lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of talent your rookie year that will allow you to succeed early (and since you all are Broncos, you most definitely are surrounded by talent).

But there will come a time when you have to really earn it out here, and the more time you spend working, rather than flashing (or dabbing), the easier that hard work will be.

Watch the veterans, mimick the leaders, study the playbook and get to work. You're especially lucky because the Broncos locker room is chock full of "good guys" who will push you but also encourage you and teach you.

Take advantage of that; not every rookie is so lucky.

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