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Horse Tracks: What is the ROF to you?

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Thoughts on the Broncos ROF and what it means to fans. Why is a guy like John Lynch getting inducted? My "No Bull" take and some good questions to chew on this offseason.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Tim opened up a great discussion yesterday on John Lynch getting put in the ROF for the Broncos this year that I want to touch on and maybe move the discussion more directly to a more useful point of view.

My personal opinion

Honestly a "head scratcher" doesn't begin to describe this to me. Let me count the ways first of all that I think this player has no place up there among the hallowed names of Broncos heros:

  • The guy only played 4 seasons with us (and didn't have a complete year the last year with us).
  • The last two years he was with us, he was a liability in pass coverage (in a defense that ranked in the 20s both in 2006 and 2007).
  • He was historically speaking a Tampa Bay Buc and made a way bigger impact there than he did with us in a short time.
I just don't think his impact as a player was significant to the annuls of Bronco history. He was a blip on the team highlighted with a playoff win against he Patriots in the hey-day of their full-bore cheating mode/

Why is he really getting put in?

The conspiracy theorist in me (and yes, put on your tin foil hats here my Internet brethren) is that this move is absolutely about getting a guy into the HOF for publicity's sake. If Denver and TB both put him in their ROF, that adds accolades to a guy that is on the cusp of making it to the HOF.

I'm not here to say that this is right or wrong (it is wrong though...if a player who was that good back with the Bucs can't get into the HOF based off his play, he shouldn't get help). I'm just wondering why we don't just call it what it is and move on.

Does it matter that he was only a Bronco for 4 years?

Does it matter that he kinda sucked at coverage (kinda an important job for a safety from my humble knowledge of the game of football) those last 2 years?

Does it matter that he's a pretty darn good announcer now?

Does it matter that he's a top-echelon giver of his time to the community?

Does it matter that he's a likable guy?

What do you think?

Our opinion doesn't really matter on this one. The ROF is something the owner set up and the team can do with it what they will. But let's pretend it does. If you have a strong thought on what should be the criteria for a Bronco getting into the ROF, leave it in the comments.

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