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Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos - except one - to meet President Barack Obama today

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Politicians are often known for back pedaling, and Barack Obama will definitely have to do some today when he meets the team he did NOT pick to win Super Bowl 50. Unfortunately, a key member of what the president called a "monster defense" will not be making the trip because he is recovering from a gunshot wound.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

Our Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are headed to Washington, D.C., today to meet Barack Obama as a final celebration of winning Super Bowl 50.

Unfortunately, one Bronco not making the trip is Aqib Talib, who spent Sunday in a Dallas-area hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to his leg.

Talib is expected to be released today, but perhaps the No Fly Zone cornerback can still take a call from Obama so the president can have a little heart-to-heart:

Obama: "Repeat after me, nothing good happens after midnight ... or in a strip club in Dallas."

Talib: "Nothing good happens after midnight..."


Talib: "Or in a ... "


Talib: "Or in a strip club in Dallas. Thank you, Mr. President."

It's more than a little ironic that this was the president's tweet just a day before Talib's gunshot wound:

The Broncos' visit should provide an interesting conversation between the Commander-in-Chief and the team since the POTUS was among a long list of doubters picking the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl.

But the president did give props where props were due after the game.

I'm pretty sure the players have forgiven the president his misguided pick, and they all seem excited for the trip.

For Demaryius Thomas, in particular, the visit has more meaning than just a chance to meet the president. It's also a chance to meet the man who pardoned his mother from her prison sentence last fall.

Although Brock Osweiler has declined his White House invitation and Broncos-paid trip, several other former Broncos will be there, including Peyton Manning, Malik Jackson, David Bruton, Jr., Aaron Brewer, Omar Bolden and Danny Trevathan. Von Miller, who hasn't been with the team since the Super Bowl parade in downtown Denver, will also rejoin his teammates for the momentous occasion.

T.J. Ward helping kids

Broncos safety T.J. Ward hosted his second annual Youth Skills Camp for Kids on Saturday.

Ward's foundation sponsored the free camp for kids 8-13 and highlighted basics of football, including non-contact passing, catching and running drills.

"I like to give back, I like to be around the youth," Ward told "I like to give them as much info as I can about my experiences and how [that can] benefit them. Things like this are an easy way."

Fellow ‘No Fly Zone' teammates Chris Harris Jr. and rookie Will Parks helped Ward as they all participated in the drills - which included getting hit by the kids.

"It's always fun to be able to just line up against them and just let them have a chance to go against me," Harris told "That's probably something they always dreamed about doing, and make it a little bit more fun for them. Something that when they get home tonight, they'll be like ‘I lined up against Chris Harris.'"

(*editor's note to Chris and T.J. - I dream about this too and will look forward to the skills camp for women age 35 and up next summer!)

Broncos Trivia

Monday seems like a good day for some Broncos Trivia, and thanks to my handy, dandy desk calendar, I have several trivia questions for you. Should your Monday be slow and mundane, I have just given you ample material to Google (much better than looking up The V-Club in Dallas, for example).

And, of course, feel free to add some of your own trivia questions in the comments.

  • Which punter, which year and against which team did the Broncos register a record-setting 83-yard punt?
  • What former running back rushed for a career-best 1,240 yards for the Broncos' playoff team in 2004?
  • What was Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey's given first name?
  • What do the initials in C.J. Anderson's name stand for?
  • Which Broncos quarterback won 9 of 11 starts his first year in Denver?
  • Two Broncos were responsible for holding the record for longest non-scoring run in Broncos history before 2008. Who did it first in 1999 and who tied the record again nine years later? (Bonus: against which teams was each playing?)
  • Which Broncos safety started 178 games for the Broncos from 1969-1981 (which was a club record at the time)?

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