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'Play the man, not the odds' should be the Broncos mantra in 2016

The funny thing about odds is that they don't play on the field - men do.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

A mere four days remain until training camp starts and we can officially "open" the 2016 season.

So to pass the two weeks since Von Miller signed his contract (ending our "VonWatch" fascination) and the opening bell of training camp, I've been binge-watching the first five seasons of "Suits," USA Network's legal thriller. And like any good football fan, I have found a connection between it and the Denver Broncos.

The main character in "Suits" -€” a badass litigator named Harvey Specter -€” has a gambling/legal philosophy that I absolutely love: "Don't play the odds, play the man."

"I don't play the odds, I play the man."   -Harvey Specter, litigator in USA Network's "Suits"

Given the fact that way too often the "odds" for the Broncos succeeding at any given NFL milestone -€” such as winning the division, the conference, in the playoffs, or ultimately, the Super Bowl -€” are against us, Specter's approach is brilliant.

Our team continues to be overlooked on lists, ranks, polls and awards, but at the end of the day, those are just meaningless compilations from a writer created because he/she needed a story idea.

"Odds," on the other hand, are far more intriguing. The fact that a ratio predicting the possibility of a certain outcome can somehow be quantified using statistics, calculated risk, past outcomes and even a little intuition is interesting, if not somewhat mind-boggling. Throw in that all this complicated analysis is for sporting events -€” contests specifically designed by rule and practice to draw us in for their unpredictability -€” and it's downright amusing.

Yet it's a multibillion-dollar industry that has fueled a lot of opinions about the potential for our team to win.

If those betting against the Broncos had "played the man," they would have remembered the punishing blows from Von Miller, ball-hawking prowess of the No Fly Zone and run-stuffing magnificence of the Front 7.

Take the odds in last year's Super Bowl, for example The Panthers, who played practically nobody all season, were a six-point favorite over the NFL's No. 1 defense.

And the odds for last season's AFC Championship Broncos-Patriots rematch? Tom Brady and Co. opened as the 3.5-point favorites, even in Denver, a stadium where they've lost more than they've won.

All those betting against the Broncos should have followed Specter's advice. Had they "played the man," they would have remembered the punishing blows from Von Miller, the ball-hawking prowess of the No Fly Zone and the run-stuffing magnificence of the front 7.

And had they paid any attention to Broncos' history, they'd know "the man" they were really playing is John Elway, a guy who has made a career on the field and in the front office out of beating the odds.

So all those betting against the Broncos this season (our own fans included) should quit worrying about the odds - the odds of winning back-to-back Super Bowls, the odds of the defense being as strong as it was last season, the odds of Mark Sanchez being able to lead this offense, the odds of Elway re-signing Emmanuel Sanders, and on and on.

Instead, always bet on the man -€” be that man John Elway, Wade Phillips, Von Miller, Emmanuel Sanders, Mark Sanchez or any one of our 53.

Because this is a franchise that understands the odds...and knows not to play them.

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