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Seven of the Broncos' Greatest Hits of All Time

July is not the time for news. It's the time for getting in shape for Training Camp. And that means watching highlight film to get the appropriate level of excitement after a long offseason.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Broncos Country!

All the talk over Von Miller's contract extension has given us the forum to mention in passing our stud linebacker's huge contribution to the Broncos' Super Bowl victory via 2.5 sacks and two forced fumbles.

Yet in our mentions of Miller's exploits, we've missed our golden opportunity. Instead of  reminiscing about the hits and sacks, we've gotten sidetracked with rumors and "breaking news" (all of which, by the way, will be worthless in seven days when Miller re-signs with the Broncos).

Just watch this three-minute video if you need a reminder why offseason sports stories are primarily pathetic and highlights are always the better go-to.

But I am here to get us back to those highlights and get our minds right just in time for training camp in three weeks.

And what better way to honor Miller's seven more days before a contract is worked out (trust me, this will happen), than a list of the Broncos' Seven Greatest Hits of All Time (and I'm not talking about the John Keyworth-type hits either, but kudos to you if a) you remembered/knew Keyworth was a Bronco and b) you have some idea what I'm talking about).

And who better to start that list than Von "I will pose naked in cowboy boots and a hat if I want to" Miller.

7. Von Miller sacks -€” and sacks again - Cam Newton

Miller's Super Bowl sacks may not have been the biggest "hits" in Broncos history, but they certainly had the most impact as his first one set a tone of defensive dominance from the first quarter and the second one reminded the Panthers who was in control of this game as it gave the Broncos' offense a chance to score and put the win out of reach.

It's hard to find a good video clip of those sacks that isn't owned (and therefore prohibited by the NFL), but this tweet includes the Super Bowl sacks as well as many other fabulous plays in the postseason!

6. Al Wilson denies Tyrone Wheatley

Broncos vs. Raiders. Snow Game. No. 56. Need I say more? No.

5. Ed McCaffrey "tattoos" Brian Williams in Super Bowl 32

Eddie Mac would probably be tossed from the game with a splendid hit like this in today's NFL. So watching this clip a few hundred more times is just that much more satisfying.

4. Terrance Knighton slams Tom Brady

I honestly don't think there's a lineman I like to watch chase down a quarterback more than Pot Roast (just hoping the big man doesn't get to do it much when the Patriots play the Broncos this season!) Arguably, Knighton's hit on RGIII is bigger, and you can see it highlighted here.

knighton crushes brady

3. TD's debut in Tokyo

The rookie running back showed his chops to his new teammates, not with a 50-yard run, but rather with a huge block.

2. Steve Atwater on Christian Okoye

When the Nigerian Nightmare suddenly becomes the Nanny, you know the hit was big. But then again, Atwater did that his entire career.

1. John Lynch on Dante Hall

For sheer power, this hit gets the nod for No. 1.

No doubt there are others -€” bigger and better even -€” that I left off of my very short, not enough-good-ones-on-here list. But I'm looking forward to your comments to share more great ones!

Ready for Training Camp now???

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