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Horse Tracks: It's a New Year. What did you miss this week?

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In case you've been stationed in Antarctica, we're looking for a new head coach. My input is limited to, anyone but McEvil. He tarnished our name and Mr. B and for that, he's on my very short list of, never to be forgiven. Trust me, I'm one of those people that all you have to do is say, I'm sorry and mean it, or even just be nice and I forgive. I just can't hang on to anger or grudges. McDaniels, John Fox and my son's coach are about the only three I can think of. Go away, stay away, for eva.

Here's a good piece from Jim Saccomano and the search...Jim Saccomano examines if John Elway can find a coach as competitive as him

Former Broncos VP of Corporate Communications Jim Saccomano stopped by The Final Verdict on Mile High Sports Radio to discuss the Broncos' coaching search.

This week also meant we said goodbye to some Broncos, so a quick, thanks, good luck. Below is a link of 76 and counting guys who've declared for the draft. Some name on that list will be on our team. Eight looooong months from now, we'll see them (and others) in Orange and Navy.

Not directly Broncos related, but a quick prayer to the families in my home state. Many of our players are from Florida, as well. Some from South Florida. Glad they all made it home safely! That airport was used by my daughter yesterday and will be used by my mom tomorrow. My brother spent a week in ICU at the hospital the victims were sent to, so it hits close to home.

I'm attaching this Alex Smith piece because our QB's were under-used this year. They rushed for seven first downs on 39 attempts. Considering our rushing third downs stats were bottom of the league, not using our QB's legs is salt in the wound.

When a guy like Alex Smith has increased production, helping his entire offense, it shows how vital it is to use their legs. Tom Brady* had the same number of attempts, in two less games, as Trevor Siemian with a 11% better 1st down rate.

My hope is our new Head Coach doesn't repeat the same. Our defense struggled against two types of players this year: rushing QBs and TE's. Its time we started dishing it out.

Alex Smith's scrambling has fueled Kansas City Chiefs' offense
Alex Smith has scrambled a little more often in the past three games, and it's probably no coincidence that the Chiefs' offense has taken flight.

Anyone want to open a GoFundMe account? I'll donate.

Agent's Take: A changing of the guard in how the NFL values top linemen -
Once the lowest-paid offensive-line position, top guards are now outpacing top centers

Welcome to Broncos Country. Broncos sign 11 players to future contracts
The Broncos added young talent to their roster.

This is intriguing. Last season, I thought Elway should've put in an offer for him. ANYONE but Osweiler. If we trade Siemian, AJ could be his replacement. A young vet back-up would help us and he's pretty good. However, he wants a chance to start and that's not happening. Will Cincinnati Bengals try to trade AJ McCarron in the offseason?

Bengals backup quarterback AJ McCarron has enjoyed his three seasons in Cincinnati but is open to moving if it gets him a chance to start.

Jarvis Landry fined twice for TD celebration vs. Pats -
Jarvis Landry was fined $24,309 for a crotch grab and $24,309 for slamming his helmet against the Patriots, a league spokesman told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

ICYMI...woohoo! Three Broncos players named to AP All-Pro first team - Mile High Report

Chris Harris, Jr, Von Miller & Aqib Talib all first-team selectees.

This list is far from complete, even still, a lot of impressive names on this list starting with #10. 76 underclassmen have already declared for the 2017 NFL Draft:
Jamal Adams, S, LSU Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida Budda Baker, S, Washington Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee Garett Bolles, OT, Utah  Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida

A former Bronco finds a new home. Washington Redskins sign trio of players
The Washington Redskins have signed a trio of players, including a former first-round pick.

Have a good week all and try not to hurt too much watching other teams play and not us. A very strange feeling to be on the outside. It's awful. Next time we see any Broncos will be at the Pro Bowl (yes, I have a ticket).

Dear, Kyle, er, new HC, please make sure it doesn't happen again, ok? Thanks.