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Considering facts, alternative facts about this Broncos team

Just having a little fun on a Friday.

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Broncos Country!

John Clayton published yesterday a short one-on-one interview with Vance Joseph for ESPN Radio’s Inside the Huddle, and while Joseph mostly stuck to the same talking points he has issued since his hire - "it’s not a rebuild, it’s a reboot" - there were a few nuggets worth pulling out for the fun of discussion.

But to make it even more fun (because who couldn’t use that on this Friday?) I’m going to pattern it after a story Jeanna Thomas did for SBNation a few weeks back when the Texans traded their $18 million quarterback - "4 lies and 1 truth about Brock Osweiler" (which you should also read because it’s hilarious).

Thomas highlighted the situation, quoted the recent comments and then gave it a rating for its "truth" (or more likely, its "truthiness").

Sounds to me like an excellent new way to consider the latest quotes (*editor’s note: don’t take any of this too seriously).

Takeaway: Roby is a top corner like Talib, Harris

Joseph first noted it’s been a dominating D for two years and that’s not changing anytime soon as the No Fly Zone remained in tact and it still has elite edge rushers Von Miller and Shane Ray ready to unleash.

Joseph highlighted the corner play in particular, followed by the pass rush - which all earn a solid "Truth" rating.

But then Joseph veered off-script a little when he complimented Bradley Roby’s play as elite alongside Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr.

"I’d say we’ve got three starting corners. Talib and Chris are obviously Pro Bowlers, but we’ve got a young corner in Roby who could be a starter on many teams in the NFL," he said, adding that you need three since most teams play three wide receivers. "But we’ve got three guys who can play press man-to-man that gives our rushers time to get home, and those three guys are the reason why we play great defense here."

Talib and CHJ are the real deal, and Roby has flashed potential, but more often than not last season, Roby made some mental blunders and blew his coverage that often cost the Broncos (cough KC cough). He’s going to need to find a consistent groove this year or some standout rookie that Denver takes in a deep corner draft class will be challenging him.

Rating: Alternative Fact

Takeaway: Both Trevor and Paxton ‘are the right person’

Joseph starts his answer commenting about quarterbacks with a little safe name-dropping.

"It’s hard to play quarterback here in Denver – behind John Elway and Peyton Manning," he said. "Obviously whoever’s playing quarterback here, it’s a huge job and responsibility, but I think our two young guys can handle it."

Bonus points for reminding fans to temper their expectations when it comes to the quarterback - having two legends in two different generations is a rare commodity.

But adding that "they’re both the right person and their teammates love playing with those two guys" is a little too contrived to sound believable.

Plus there was this: "Trevor plays the game to win. He’s not going to turn the ball over at a high rate. He’s the type of quarterback you can play and you can win games with and he won’t beat [your offense]. Half of playing the position is decision-making, and Trevor will make the best decision most of the time."

Rating: FAKE NEWS!

Takeaway: The offensive line is better

The best part of Joseph’s comments here are his first four words after asked how he feels about the offensive line now?

"Well, I feel better."

That deserves an LOL rating for sure. And when part of the justification for bringing certain players to the team is "He’s got a huge ceiling. He’s played left and right tackle. He’s got a basketball background, so he’s a big athlete" - then you know it’s code for "He’s a project; we have no idea if this will work."

With a new offensive scheme and a different philosophy, Joseph believes that even with many of the same guys, the Broncos will be a lot better.

"I’m excited about [Ron Leary and Menelik Watson]."

Except the Broncos still don’t have a legitimate left tackle.

Rating: LMAO

Takeaway: This offense will score more points

Under Mike McCoy, the offense is likely to be much less conservative than it was with Gary Kubiak, but that doesn’t mean it will stop running the ball.

"We’re going to open it up a little. We’ve got those two receivers - two Pro Bowlers - outside with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, but running the football better will allow us to get a fairer box," Joseph said, noting that he wants the offense to give an opposing defense two things to worry about.

"So it starts with blocking and running the football better," the new head coach said but added it will also be a "wide open offense."

"Having those two receivers, that gives you the luxury of having an open offense to make the defense play the entire field. If you get one-on-one with [DT and Sanders], they’re going to win most of the time."

Rating: TRUTH!


Which one is FAKE NEWS for 2017 season?

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  • 32%
    Paxton Lynch will be the starting quarterback
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  • 23%
    Elway will find a left tackle in free agency
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  • 33%
    The Broncos will draft a running back in the first round
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