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Stop already with the starting QB guesses

I know it’s about the only “debate” for the roster, but it’s so futile - and so annoying.

San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

Phase III of Broncos’ offseason workouts begins this week with OTAs, and (engage sarcasm font) fortunately for all of us, Mike Klis has the quarterback scenario all figured out:

A first-round draft pick a year ago, Lynch ended last season a distant second to Trevor Siemian as the Broncos’ starting quarterback. By all accounts, the past five weeks of offseason work has not changed the order.

Because, you know, nothing has changed since the season ended (disengage sarcasm font).

Calling 2016 first-round draft pick Paxton Lynch “a distant second to Trevor Siemian,” Klis maintains Lynch must start competing this week if he has a chance at being the starter - despite the fact that new head coach Vance Joseph said two months ago the “quarterback competition” would be in training camp.

“It won’t be in the spring,” said Joseph. “The spring is going to be a learning tool to learn Mike’s system.’’

So which is it? Competition begins now as Klis thinks, or competition begins in training camp after both have had time to absorb Mike McCoy’s offensive scheme - as the coach says?

First, let’s get past the obvious - of course just about everything moving forward is a competition between these two quarterbacks (probably even the Connect Four games in the locker room).

But in reality, that “competition” is more of a media creation as reporters search for any hint of “the way it’s going” based on coach and player quotes, based on 10 seconds of video at practices, based on the two cents from analysts (which is far more than the opinion is worth) - all more for a headline than any substantial info.

For example, this comment from Joseph a month ago after the early install of the offense:

“They both did a great job of communicating in the huddle. It was really sharp today. They threw the ball well, both guys did....It’s the first day. It’s the first install, but both were very engaged.”

Oooo, “both threw the ball well,” so obviously Siemian has the edge because the deep ball had been his weakness. But wait, “both were very engaged” so probably Lynch has the upper hand because the critique on him was his football IQ.


Here’s my reaction to all of this: STFU (and I mean that in the nicest way possible).

Second, can everyone just freaking stop already with the projections on who the starting quarterback will be? (unless, of course, you’re with me that it could be Kyle “snowball’s chance in hell” which case, prognosticate all you want).

Everyone has a different method. Maybe it’s PFF stats. Maybe it’s personal film review. Maybe it’s as methodical as pin-the-football-on-the-jersey? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter because believe it or not, NO ONE ACTUALLY KNOWS THE STARTER.

And no one knows because no one is on the field throughout practice AND in the film room AND in the quarterbacks room. No one knows how much of Siemian’s offseason film study has improved his decision-making; no one knows whether Lynch’s offseason workouts improved his footwork.

That’s what training camp is about.

I know it’s a lot to ask of our sports pundits (and even all of us at MHR), but seriously, this is annoying. Reporters are more interested in a headline for their Twitter feed rather than quality insight on the team’s progress with a new coaching staff.

Again, this from Klis:

They say you can’t win an NFL job in May, but you can lose it. If Lynch is to move into legitimate position to overcome the incumbent when the competition begins in earnest in late-July, he probably needs to demonstrate improvement during OTAs.

I realize I’m in a “get off my lawn” mood right now, but this kind of nonsense just kills me. If the above statement is true, then Joseph wouldn’t be genuine about OTAs being the learning phase.

I’m not for drawing out this competition, but I’m tired of having a competition, so I’m all for a legit one that ends in a swift decision at the close of training camp after all the quarterbacks have been given a fair chance to learn, practice first-team reps and even make mistakes.

Because it really doesn’t matter until Sept. 11 who the starting QB is, which is more than three months away.

Now get off my lawn (and I also mean that in the nicest way possible).

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Surely there’s more to talk about than the starting QBs?

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