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Draft pick, schmaft pick.

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San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

I am so tired of the debate over “Wins v. Draft Picks.”




Rooting for losses just helps breed a losing mentality.

I don’t care that a win could mean picking 16th in the draft versus picking 8th or 10th or whatever number somehow magically makes Broncos that much better next year???

You know what makes the Broncos better next year?

A coach who has the confidence and experience to make the right calls in the game.

A quarterback who can throw an accurate pass that a 10-year vet or a first-game rookie can catch.

A roster not marred by injuries to game-changing starters.

Players who know how to play in adverse situations.

John Elway will certainly be looking for those players:

“I think the big thing is you find out in these situations what kind of workers they are and how hard they play,” Elway said on First and 10 @ 10 on Wednesday. “I don’t think it’s going to wipe anybody off the board. ...But I think for the most part, we find out what we’re made of and what kind of workers we are and what kind of competitors we are, because we’re given a chance to go out to play and obviously our goal is to win the football game and that’s really the only thing that we have to go for. We’re not playing for anything else, unfortunately. So I think that’s part of it but we’d like to find what’s in the heart and what’s in the soul. Bottom line is, they’re still getting paid this week, so we expect them to go out and perform well.”

The odds of beating the Chargers this weekend are low. In fact, I’m surprised the spread isn’t more than 6.5 points - even at home.

But that’s all the more reason I’ll be cheering for a win. Because the players out there deserve it.

Because Bradley Chubb deserves to finish a remarkable rookie campaign with a win going into his first offseason.

Because Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton and Tim Patrick deserve a win for how they stepped up to make some big-time plays when thrust into starting roles.

Because Phillip Lindsay on the sideline with an injury deserves to watch the team he spilled blood for all season go out and put up a fight in his honor.

Because Von Miller still takes losses personally - as if it is his fault he couldn’t be Superman. He deserves a win for every &#*$#@* hold against him every game.

Because Matt Paradis, Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris Jr. have casts on their bodies proving how much they sacrificed for this team to win - and I guarantee eight spots in the draft means jack to them right now.

Because every fan deserves something to cheer for - to go into the offseason on a high note, having our team beat an AFC West rival with the whiniest quarterback in the history of whiny.

Because the players. BECAUSE THE PLAYERS.

And because YOU DON’T ROOT FOR A F@#$%#^ LOSS.

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