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Broncos sign Kirk Cousins and draft Saquon Barkley? Yes, please!

This might be a dream scenario, but that pairing in Denver would be damn fun to watch and incredibly dynamic.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

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The options are endless at this point.

The more you think about one specific idea, the more excited you get. And there isn’t a wrong answer ... unless it involves Josh Allen, but we won’t go there. A few weeks ago, I asked if the Denver Broncos get Kirk Cousins, what do they do with the No. 5 pick in the NFL Draft? Does John Elway stay put and select the “best player available?” Or do the Broncos find a trade partner, say the Buffalo Bills, and get more picks?

On the latest Mile High Radio Podcast, I laid out a scenario that gets me amped. It’s also one that convinced Adam Malnati it’s the path Denver needs to take. The first piece to fall in place is Cousins. At least in my mind, Elway and the Broncos are the favorites, but I’m biased. Why would the quarterback leave one shitty situation for another (the Cleveland Browns or New York Jets)?

When Denver signs Cousins, and this is the main reason I want Cousins in the Mile High City, it frees up the draft. No longer is there an anchor tied to Elway and the organization where they have to get a quarterback or they sink. It opens the Broncos up to select a player like Saquon Barkley. There’s risk/reward with any player, but Barkley is a damn special player. He’s a complete, every-down running back who also holds his own in pass protection. Pair Cousins with Barkley ... yes, please.

Let’s turn up the amplification and really have some fun. It’s all but assured Barkley is there at No. 3 when the Indianapolis Colts make their selection. Does Elway make a trade to get that pick to ensure he gets Barkley? Swap first-round picks, this year’s third-round pick and Aqib Talib? Of course there is an option the Bills or Jets trade for the No. 3 pick and Barkley is there at No. 4. If Vance Joseph and the front office like Barkley, do they make a move with the Browns to get him?

At the moment, the idea of Cousins and Barkley brings a smile to my face. In a week that might change and I’ll love the idea of Denver getting Buffalo’s two first-round picks (at the least), but it’s all predicated on the Broncos getting Cousins to free those options up. That is what makes this time of year so much fun. Less than a month to the start of free agency.

The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear on iTunes.

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