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Broncos look to Sam Hinkie and his ‘trust the process’ mantra for a little more help

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Nicki Jhabvala of The Athletic reported that the analytics guru with an MBA from Stanford and a three-year losing gig with NBA’s Sixers is consulting the Broncos.

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Happy Memorial Day, Broncos Country!

The Broncos’ motto this offseason/season is “Accountability.”

And apparently, they’re taking that a step further by bringing in the “Trust the Process” guy to help the Broncos understand via analytics why 5-11 happened.

Because apparently inept quarterback play, muffed punts, dropped passes, and an inability to stop tight ends or running backs catching passes - not to mention poor coaching - weren’t the reasons.

I know. You thought Vance Joseph was the first to tell us/players to “trust the process” after the Broncos had lost four in a row last season.

“Trust the process,” he reminded the media about what he told the team. “You’re going to have some adversity during the season. ...You can’t panic.”

But maybe they have panicked a little because now the Broncos brass is looking to the original “trust the process” guy and analytics guru, Stanford MBA grad and former Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie, for some help.

Because clearly stats would have helped the Broncos last season.

Hinkie - considered either/both hero and villain in Philly - helmed the Sixers from 2013 to 2016 before being forced out thanks to his 47–199 record in three seasons. But his five lottery picks and long-term patience yielded super players Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fulz,

His famous “trust the process” mantra went something like this:

“Here’s his thinking: Historically, in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the teams that win championships rely on star players such as Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Hinkie believed the surest way for the 76ers to get a star of that caliber was to have a high pick in the amateur draft (the annual process through which newly eligible players are selected by the NBA’s 32 teams). The highest draft picks are awarded to the worst teams, and if the 76ers were bad enough for long enough, he argued, they would eventually get a great player. It would take patience though.”

The Broncos have brought Hinkie in as a consultant, reports Nicki Jhabvala, to figure out “how to best use the influx of data they’ve received over the years to benefit them in player evaluation, in-game situations, salary cap and contract decisions, and training and rehab matters.”

Personally, I have nothing against crunching stats to help give a team more insight into improving its performance - and number of wins.

But I certainly hope Hinkie’s advice to Joseph and Elway is not to lose for three years to build up draft capital in order to win later.

And I definitely would like to see Joseph go with a different process than last year...because “trusting it” didn’t help anything.

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