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Should the Broncos roll with Case in 2019?

Keenum says he’s not worried about being labeled a “short-term fix” - but should the Broncos move on from him in 2019 or 2020?

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Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

It’s more than a month until free agency opens and nearly three months until the draft, but why should that stop us from considering all our potential QB options and guessing what John Elway wants to do?

Although Elway recently told Peter King he sees Case Keenum as a short-term answer, leaving the door open for a different free agent QB this offseason or more likely a top QB in the draft, Keenum told Nicki Jhabvala that he’s not concerned with Elway’s comments nor does it change his offseason goals.

“It’s not affecting my job. For me, I take more of what my coaches say and the meetings that we’ve had,” Keenum said, adding he a “great meeting” with Elway. “We all have to be better. That’s hands down what it comes down to. I was mad just like every other Broncos fan watching all these playoff games and (we’re) sitting at home. I feel the same way. We all have to be better.”

So while Keenum is presumably working on his accuracy this offseason, the big question is, of course, What Will John Elway Do?

Nick Foles, anyone?

Now that the Eagles backup QB has bought his freedom and the team is likely to look for a trade partner or make him a free agent, many believe the Broncos to be a likely target for Foles.

The Athletic asked its 32 NFL beat reporters to answer whether the QB was a “no chance, slim chance or real chance” for their teams, and Jhabvala answered “real chance.” She also pointed out that the Broncos had scouted Foles in 2012 but opted for Brock Osweiler. Given Foles’ production since then versus any of the Broncos’ recently drafted/acquired QBs, Elway might be more interested in Foles now.

“I would expect the Broncos to seriously consider their options with veteran quarterbacks before setting their sights on the draft prospects — especially if they’re not in love with any of the rookie options this year. They have the cap space and could find more by cutting some veterans on the roster.”

Dwayne Haskins at 3?????

Draft guy Dane Brugler is a fan of Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and in his latest mock draft, he argues that the Broncos will trade up - possibly as high as to No. 3 with the Jets - in order to get their new QB.

Here is his justification:

“What we think we know: John Elway is going to get his quarterback. What we don’t know: Who is that quarterback? Instead of settling for the second- or third-best passer (like they did with Paxton Lynch), it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Elway get aggressive to land his top quarterback.”

‘Locking’ in on the frontrunner?

See what I did there?

Benjamin Allbright has been saying for weeks that Missouri’s Drew Lock is Elway’s top choice, and MHR’s own draft guru Scotty Payne also believes Elway has his sights on Lock - because “Elway doesn’t do smokescreens,” as Scotty says.

But how far is he willing to go up from No. 10 to get his top choice if necessary is still anyone’s guess.

CBS Sports’ Ryan Wilson actually sees the Broncos moving up as far as No. 5 to get Lock.

“Let me tell you this - Drew Lock is not my No. 1 quarterback, but Elway reportedly loves Drew Lock. Apparently after Justin Herbert went back to school, he turned his attention to Drew Lock,” Wilson said on Orange and Blue Radio’s Crockett and Stout, adding that Lock had a slow start to his season but finished strong. “[Lock] kinda reminds me of Jay Cutler - both the good and the bad - and so I can see why that playing style, Elway was certainly of a gunslinger, that Elway might be interested.”

Ray Crockett made an interesting point in the discussion with Wilson, arguing that Lock’s worst game “is really bad” and his best game “is really good,” making him an unknown when it comes to his football IQ and ability to think under pressure.

“The Combine isn’t going to tell you that, so you are just hoping those things work out,” Crockett said, “and why would you trade up when you have to hope on those things?”

Take what falls to you at 10

Both Wilson and Crockett personally believe that what Elway should do (WSJED?) is take whatever he gets at No. 10 - whether it’s a quarterback (if there) or another position of need, of which the Broncos have several.

Arguing that the quarterbacks aren’t good enough this year to give up a likely first-round pick in 2020 to move up, both would prefer to see Elway take what he’s given at No. 10.

“Jonah Williams is the best left tackle in college football. If he’s at 10, you run to the podium and take him. Problem solved,” Wilson said. “Greedy [Williams, cornerback, LSU] I love. Byron Murphy out of Washington, I love. I don’t think Quentin Williams will be there at 10 but Ed Oliver may be. Jeffrey Simmons might be. There are choices you can make to fix the team right now and you have Case Keenum for one more year. Roll with him and next year you re-evaluate.”

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