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Mile High Report FanPulse

FanPulse is a polling project put on SB Nation to gather the opinions and insights of the most plugged-in Denver Broncos fans. If that describes you, then SIGN UP HERE to join us and other knowledgeable fans for NFL FanPulse.

How confident are you in the Broncos right now after injuries?

Our SB Nation Reacts survey earlier this weeks showed a very confident Broncos Country, but has that confidence held after these recent injuries?

What is the Broncos biggest positional draft need?

In early March, we asked what the Denver Broncos biggest positional need was in the 2020 NFL Draft. Let’s find out how much that differs today.

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

Certainly not the Kansas City Chiefs, right? Well, you’d be in the minority according to SB Nation’s most recent FanPulse survey.

Year over year fan confidence spikes after strong finish by Broncos

The Denver Broncos are trending upward and a big part of that comes from the emergence of Drew Lock as the teams starting quarterback.

Broncos fans remain optimistic of the future despite tough loss to Chiefs

The SB Nation FanPulse survey of Denver Broncos fans shows that Broncos Country has remained optimistic despite the blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

FanPulse: Welcome to Drewcember, Broncos Country

See that chart? That’s call the Drew Lock curve and its going straight up after just two straight wins for the Denver Broncos.

FanPulse: Fan confidence boosted by the win and by Drew Lock

In our weekly FanPulse Survey, we found fan confidence has surged in the Denver Broncos after their 23-20 win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

FanPulse: Losing stinks, but maybe we will like Drew Lock

The Denver Broncos are back to losing multiple games in a row again, but with Drew Lock we may have something to look forward to again.

FanPulse: Despite loss, fan confidence in Broncos remains steady

Finishing the 2019 season strong will go a long way to prove to Denver Broncos fans that their confidence in the direction of this team is not misplaced.

FanPulse: Broncos fans are feeling good about the quarterback change

The Denver Broncos made the move to Brandon Allen at quarterback and won a game, so obviously fans are loving themselves some Brandon Allen since then.

FanPulse: Broncos fans enjoyed the offensive output in Week 9

The Denver Broncos had multiple explosive offensive plays in their 24-19 victory over the Cleveland Browns in Week 9.

FanPulse: Broncos fan confidence has entered ‘rebuilding mode’

The Denver Broncos have entered another losing streak as fan confidence has reached all-time lows. It’s okay though, the team is actually rebuilding despite their rhetoric.

FanPulse: Fan confidence reaches new lows after TNF debacle

Fan confidence in the Denver Broncos has reached all-time lows after their 30-6 drubbing at home in front of a national audience.

FanPulse: Broncos fans feeling a lot more hopeful after back-to-back wins

The Denver Broncos have won back-to-back games with impressive defense, which has many fans feeling a lot more confident in the team heading into Week 7.

FanPulse: Winning a game feels pretty good

The Denver Broncos finally won a game and that feels pretty damn good. FanPulse results agree.

FanPulse: Broncos need to win a damn game

The losing is getting beyond old. The Denver Broncos need to come out this week and finally get that win. I don’t even care how good people think the Los Angeles Chargers are.

FanPulse: Broncos might be the best winless team right now

For the biggest silver lining of the year, I say the Denver Broncos are the best winless team in the NFL right now.

FanPulse: Broncos are trending up despite 0-2 start

Given how the far the Denver Broncos are fallen over the last two years, we think the team is trending upwards despite the 0-2 start.

FanPulse: How confident are you in the Broncos after Week 1?

It was an ugly loss, but was it just one game on the road? If the Denver Broncos beat the Chicago Bears do we start thinking things are turning a corner?

FanPulse: Broncos fan confidence ranks 19th in NFL

After a 6-10 season in 2018 and an offseason of wholesale change, 19th seems to be a reasonable place for Denver Broncos fan expectations to be right now.

FanPulse: Broncos fans feeling cautiously optimistic about 2019 season

Denver Broncos fans have taken a survey to give us an idea of how confident the fan base is with the direction the franchise is heading.

Mile High Report’s FanPulse is back for 2019!

Last year, we collected nearly weekly survey’s from Denver Broncos fans on the state of the franchise and it was pretty awesome.

Broncos should beat their over/under for wins in 2019

Will the Denver Broncos finish above or below their over/under mark of seven games in 2019?

Fan confidence is on the rise in Broncos Country

The Denver Broncos still have work to do, but so far so good through free agency. The team has definitely improved.

At what point this season did you lose confidence in the Broncos?

It’s been a trying year that quickly saw things unravel for the Denver Broncos. At 6-8, just 9% of fans polled remain confident in the direction of the team.

Browns at Broncos score predictions: Optimism waning in Denver

The Denver Broncos will host a surging Cleveland Browns team on Saturday Night Football in Week 15. Here are our score predictions.

FanPulse: Broncos Country regains confidence in the Broncos with each win

The Denver Broncos are on a three-game winning streak and fans are excited again for this team to compete for a playoff spot.

Grading the Denver Broncos through nine games

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly from the Denver Broncos 3-6 start to their 2018 season.

FanPulse: Broncos fans predicting a six-point loss to Chiefs

In our latest FanPulse survey, Broncos Country doesn’t see much hope of Denver on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs.

FanPulse: Broncos fans predicting a win over Cardinals

Broncos Country is feeling a bit more confident as the Denver Broncos travel to take on the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.

Broncos Country expects a full on meltdown in Week 6

4% of Denver Broncos fans in our poll feel confident in the team and predict a 14-point blowout home loss to the Los Angeles Rams,

FanPulse: Broncos Country not feeling very confident heading into this week

From 93% confidence as a fanbase in Week 1 to 23% by Week 3. That’s how shaky Broncos Country’s confidence was heading into this season.

FanPulse: Broncos Country is cautiously optimistic heading into Week 3

The Denver Broncos won two close home games, which has sent fan confidence southward despite the team’s 2-0 start to the season.

FanPulse: Broncos fans predict a 9-point win over Raiders

Denver Broncos are fans are likely a little optimistic, but Oakland Raiders fans are down right delusional as they expect their team squeak by with a win. Puhlease!

Broncos fans, join Mile High Report FanPulse

Mile High Report, with the help of SB Nation, is running fan-driven polling to determine what Denver Broncos fans are thinking on a variety of Broncos-related topics.


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