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Film Study: Brandon Stokley TD

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Down 7, on 3rd and 8 we see the power of a "hesitation route"

Doug Pensinger

This is from the Divisional Playoff game against the Ravens.  The Broncos are in Shotgun, 11 personnel with Dreessen off LT and Decker lined up tight on the right side with Brandon Stokley.  Ravens are running a zone blitz up front with a cover 2 shell over the top.  Both outside corners are playing off man coverage with the slot corner closer to the line of scrimmage.

This play will go for a TD and a couple of things are in play here.  1) Kruger drops into intermediate zone coverage 2) the delayed zone blitz by LB Ellerby is picked up easily by the protection.  Decker on the right side runs a deep square in that takes both his corner (in off man) and the deep safety to his side of the field, leaving Stokley with a one on one in the slot.

Stokley runs a short comeback, briefly hesitates, then gains a step on the corner when he quickly pivots to the outside to a "go" route.  The amazing thing here, as soon as Stokley takes his first step breaking to the outside into his "go", the ball from Peyton Manning is already out.  Peyton instantaneously views the coverage and anticipates Stokley's one on one.









Note to Chris Harris JR. RE: Sept 5th.  Even though the Ravens DB's aren't as good as you, Brandon Stokley is playing at a high level even at his old age.  Don't take him lightly.