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Terrance Knighton GIF's the world

Happy 4th of July Broncos Country!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

No doubt many of you will be out and about celebrating with your families, but we have yet another occasion to celebrate.  Esteemed pocket crusher Terrance Knighton--Mr. Pot Roast himself turns 28 years old today.  Terrence brought aggression back to the middle of our defense and is a huge reason why that unit remained competitive in the face of so many devastating injuries last season.

Let's celebrate some with "Pot Roast" by highlighting his top plays last season. #Snodaaaat!!!

Pot Roast gets "Luck-y"


Lots of good stuff.  Playaction fake by the offense, but Nate Irving sticks on Fleener coming off the edge.  Wayne drops wide for a WR screen and Chris Harris Jr. has perfect position.  Champ Bailey has great coverage too.  Finally, Knighton uses his upper body strength to swat past the LG from the 3T spot and is quick enough to chase down Luck before he gets the ball off.  Great effort diving to make the play.

RGIII melts like mantequilla on a hot tortilla


Broncos are in their "under" defense.  Washington is going to bootleg RGIII out on playaction, but both Knighton and Vickerson (who is lined up standing as a 9-tech) stay home as they should against a mobile QB and are there to put the heat.  Life isn't fair and neither is being smashed by a dude as big as Pot Roast.  But tell me, what is this celebration?  Is the Big Man trying to tell us RGIII flopped like a sissy-la-la???


Whale's Vagina gets the prom-night treatment


(Editor's Note: For those who don't get the Whale's Vagina reference.)

The name of the game is speed.  Knighton is lined up as a 3-tech off LG.  The Guard and Tackle to that side are going to attempt a tandem block, but Terrence slices across the grain making both miss.  From there he knifes back to the ball carrier Ronnie Brown and plugs up the B gap.

The Birthday Boy can move extremely fast for a big man his size.  In fact that is what is most exciting about his play because it translates into explosion.

It also speaks to his familiarity with the defense and the understanding of his role.  Knighton's play at this point is 100% instinctual in Del Rio's Defense which means he acts before the offense has time to react.

Knighton the Astronaut


Ever heard of taking up space? Well on this run stuff Pot Roast beats the Center initially, then disrupts the RG who is pulling to the playside.  Trying to make a play for LaGarrett Blount's feet, Knighton whiffs but does the 2nd best thing, take up space.  One small step for Pot Roast, one giant leap for Shaun Phillips.

Brady is a sissy-la-la


What happens when you cross a gelding with deer-in-the-headlights reflexes and pit him against a charging sack-monster?   Lets just call it a Boston Massacre...

And case you were wondering...Tom Brady is a sissy-la-la Knighton_brady_reaction_medium

What did we learn about Mr. Terrance Knighton?  He is one bad man bringing ill to opposing fronts.  He can do it with speed and power, and has the knowledge to play the game at a high level.

Happy Birthday Pot Roast!  Looking forward to another action packed year coated with the fear of signal callers and ball carriers league wide.