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2008 NFL Mock Draft Database - Round 1

Welcome! You've arrived at's 2009 Denver Broncos Mock Draft Database. The goal of this database is to provide Broncos fans the latest information on who the "experts" think the Broncos will target with the 12th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Since draft season is nearly as big as the regular season, and it's affects are lasting year after year, being educated on the players available is as important to being a Bronco fan as is knowing who wears #6.

If you're unfamiliar with Mile High Report, it's your independent source for all things Denver Broncos, especially as we enter the draft season. Myself, along with an incredible community of Broncos fans, use MHR to inform, educate, rant, and get our daily fix of Denver Broncos news and notes, 24 hours a day/7 day a week, all year long! So stick around, Register and join the community. You're free to write your own articles, comment, speculate, as long as it's Broncos related, it's fine here!



2008 Mock Draft Database
Site 1st Rnd Pick Pos. Ht. Wt. College Pick Assessment - (Updated 3/3) #12 - Keith Rivers LB 6-3 220 USC Their Take - "The Broncos really need help everywhere on defense. One of the main reasons Denver was 30th against the run and 28th in points allowed was its pedestrian linebacking corps. D.J. Williams was playing out of position all year, while the lackluster Ian Gold wasn't making any plays at the weakside slot. Gold has been released, opening up an even greater void at his former position. The Broncos can mend it together by selecting Keith Rivers, assuming the Saints and Bengals both pass on him. If Rivers isn't here, Denver could go after Ryan Clady."
Football Futures - (Updated 12/30) #12 -Taylor Mays
LB 6-3 230 USC Their Take - "The defense needs help, especially in the secondary. Mays is an all around standout that will make an impact in deep coverage but also near the line in run support. "
Scouts Notebook - (Updated 3/3) Rashard Mendenhall RB 5-10 225 ILL Some of you think the Broncos could go with a RB at #12... -- TSG
DraftTek - (Updated 3/2) Chris Williams OT 6-6 320 Vanderbilt Williams is starting to gain momentum, with Clady looking less likely to last until #12. -- TSG
The Huddle Report - (Updated 3/1) #12 - Ryan Clady OT 6-6 315 Boise St. Their Take -- ALMOST A HOME TOWN BOY. - (Updated 2/23) #12 - Derrick Harvey DE 6-4 262 Florida The first time Harvey's name has been linked to the Broncos. The Combine will go a long way towards determining his stock. -- TSG"
Consensus Draft - (Updated 2/25) #12 - Kenny Phillips FS 6-2 210 Miami Their Take - "John Lynch is aging and Nick Ferguson could be upgraded, so safety is a need for the Broncos. If Kenny Phillips of Miami were to fall to Denver at 12, it is hard to picture them passing on him. Phillips is a spectacular physical specimen in the mold of the late, great Sean Taylor. It was sort of a down year for Phillips and the Hurricanes, but as a pro prospect, there is nothing this kid lacks. Size, speed, strength, tackling, big-play potential- it’s all there. Learning from Lynch would surely help as well."
Chris Steuber( - (Updated 2/8) #12 - Ryan Clady OT 6-6 315 Boise St. Their Take - "Any time a team is grooming a young quarterback, it's important to give him the best possible protection to be successful. The Broncos have done a good job with Jay Cutler, but giving him a quality tackle to grow with makes sense. Ryan Clady, a junior from the Boise State Broncos, is a solid pick if he enters the draft."
QI Sports - (Updated 2/29) #12 - Chris Williams OT 6-6 320 Vanderbilt Their Take - "Chris Williams would also be an ideal fit for that Broncos Zone Blocking Scheme as well. He proved at the combine that he is one of the most if not the most athletic Offensive Lineman in this entire draft. Had a few very impressive 40 times and was even more impressive during drills, showing excellent and smooth footwork, he does not move like your typical offensive lineman. He is also versatile, has experience at Tackle and Guard and the Broncos are known for moving guys around on their offensive line."
East Coast Sports - (Updated 3/2) #12 - Keith Rivers LB 6-3 220 USC Their Take - "The Broncos have needs on both sides of their line and would have liked for OT Clady to fall to them here...Rivers fills their need at the OLB position."
DraftAce - (Updated 3/1) #12 - Chris Williams OT 6-6 320 Vanderbilt Their Take - "Mike Shanahan tends to avoid drafting on the offensive side of the ball when he can, but he I don't think he can pass on an offensive lineman this year. Chris Williams and Jeff Otah should both be on the board and one of them needs to be wearing a Broncos jersey in 2008. Williams gets the slight edge over Otah, but either way the Broncos can't go wrong."
Draft King - (Updated 2/28) #12 - Sedrick Ellis DT 6-0 309 USC Their Take - "This feels low for Ellis to fall, but in looking at the teams above Denver outside the top five, the only team likely to consider a 4-3 defensive tackle is Cincinnati at #9, and the Bengals would be much more likely to take a top-flight defensive end versus a DT, at least in my estimation. The Broncos have a deceptively young defense, and adding Ellis would suddenly turn them into a force. With Ellis and Marcus Thomas at DT and Elvis Dumervil and Jarvis Moss at DE, the Broncos would suddenly have a young foursome that could meld together into a solid unit."
The Football Expert(Donnelly) - (Updated 2/4) #12 - Dan Connor LB 6-3 233 Penn St. Their Take -- "Denver is disappointed that Rivers is gone but Connor should help. The hole at OLB is too great to ignore at this point especially with emerging young talent at WR. Connor might not have top speed, but he is a football player and in the NFL that is more important than most people realize at this time of year."
The Football Expert(Abromowitz) - (Updated 3/2) #12 - Ryan Clady OT 6-6 315 Boise St. Their Take -- "With the retirement of Matt Lepsis, the left tackle position now seems vulnerable, and with Ryan Clady still on the board, this pick makes sense. At 6-6, 320 lbs, Clady is the ideal LT, and actually has a higher ceiling than Jake Long. Jake Long is more NFL ready, but I see Clady as having the better NFL career down the road. DT Kentwan Balmer is a possibility, but Clady is better value here."
The Football Expert(Cox) - (Updated 2/25) #12 - Chris Williams OT 6-6 320 Vanderbilt Their Take - "It has been a long time since the Broncos have been slated to pick this high. They chose quarterback Jay Cutler at #11 in 2006, but traded up four spots to do so. Otherwise they haven’t picked higher than #15 since 1993 (#11). I won’t be surprised to see them trade down for more picks because a) they traded away their third round pick b) last year all they did was address the lines with three on the defensive side with one on the offensive side and c) Williams is probably a bit of a reach here even after looking good at the combine including a solid 40 time. Speaking of that offensive line, Matt Lepsis stunned them by retiring. I think they have to pursue another tackle here to join last year’s pick Ryan Harris and Erik Pears because they are thin and the free agent talent isn’t much."
The Football Expert(Eide) - (Updated 2/4) #12 - Frank Okam DT 6-5 320 Texas Their Take - "If past history is any indication, the Broncos will likely trade this pick. If they were to keep it, Okam would be worth a look. In 2007, Okom had 49 tackles, 10 TFL, five sacks, 16 pressures, and four pass deflections. Extremely athletic and gives them something to build around up front."
Todd McShay(ESPN) - (Updated 2/29) #12 - Chris Williams OT 6-6 320 Vanderbilt Their Take - "Williams still needs to get stronger and play with more of a mean streak, but he is one of the fastest rising players in this class because of his combination of size, mobility and intelligence. Williams would be a fine fit in Denver's zone-blocking scheme."
NFL Draft Countdown - (Updated 2/27) #12 - Keith Rivers LB 6-3 220 USC Their Take - "Through all of their defensive struggles in recent years the Broncos have always been able to rely on a great linebacking corps. but now they have issues there too. D.J. Williams will be starting somewhere but that is the only sure-thing right now and there have been reports that Ian Gold is on the trading block. Keith Rivers is the consensus top linebacker in this draft and his ability to play multiple positions, especially in Denver's scheme, just adds to his value. The Broncos still have issues at defensive tackle so they could reach for someone like Kentwan Balmer here and even though there isn't a safety worth this high of a pick that is a concern as well." - (Updated 1/31) #12 - Ryan Clady OT 6-6 315 Boise St. Clady, along with Phillips, is beginning to gain momentum.
NFL Draft Pros - (Updated 1/30) #12 - Calais Campbell DE 6-8 280 Miami First time I have seen Campbell's name associated to the Broncos. I doubt the Broncos would go D-End again after using their top two-picks in '07 on the same position....TSG
Sporting News - (Updated 2/22) Jake Long OT 6-7 313 Michigan Their Take - "Long can't be categorized as the typical undersized yet very athletic Broncos offensive lineman, but he would bring much-needed toughness and aggressiveness to their front five."
My NFL Draft - (Updated 2/22) #12 - Keith Rivers OLB 6-3 220 USC I guess we really do need a linebacker! -- TSG
NFL Draft Max - (Updated 2/21) #12 - Kenny Phillips FS 6-2 210 Miami Phillips seems to be in a free-fall, though these guys still have the Broncos picking him up. -- TSG
The Captain's Deck - (Updated 1/31) #12 - Ryan Clady OT 6-6 315 Boise St. Their Take -- "Clady has burst onto the scene this season and is a really nice LT prospect. Lepsis is getting older and older and that Denver offensive line just isn't the unit it used to be. The team is also becoming a more pass-oriented team with the Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall connection, so they should look for someone to protect Jay's blindside."
NFL Draft Guys - (Updated 2/15) #12 - Rashard Mendenhall RB 5-10 225 Illinois Their Take - "The Broncos still need someone to fill the middle linebacker role and get D.J. Williams back on the edges but with the retirement of TE turned Left Tackle Matt Lepsis, the Broncos have a more urgent need on the O-line. Look for the Broncos to test the free agent waters again, they seem to really love free agency around here, for better or worse. They need a more efficient ground game, whether that is a bigger back or help in the trenches, the Broncos no longer have the running game the country thinks they do, just ask any fan in Denver and they would be happy to elaborate. There may even be a receiver/kick returner drafted this year...fingers crossed."
Draft Daddy - (Updated 2/27) #12 - Dan Connor LB 6-3 233 Penn St. Their Take - "Arguably the best linebacker ever from linebacker U, Connor can step in the middle for Al Wilson."
Draft 32 - (Updated 2/20) #12 - Kenny Phillips FS 6-2 220 Miami Their Take - "ohn Lynch isn't getting any younger, and Nick Ferguson isn't exactly a playmaker at safety in Denver. While Phillips is no Ed Reed, Denver may have to reach for him at 12, unless they decided to adress the need at defensive or offensive line with canidates such as Jeff Otah or Kentwan Balmer. "
Junkyard Jake - (Updated 3/3) #12 - Jonathon Stewart RB 5-10 235 Oregon Their Take - "Great size and inside running ability. Has speed to get outside, and shows good hands as a receiver."
Fantasy Football Xtreme - (Updated 3/3) #12 - Ryan Clady OT 6-6 320 Boise State While most think Clady will be gone, this site has him falling. -- TSG
Cowboy Pride - (Updated 1/2) #12 - Keith Rivers OLB 6-3 220 USC Rivers breaks a long string of Safety/OL picks. -- TSG
D n J Mock Draft - (Updated 3/3) #12 - Kenny Phillips FS 6-2 210 Miami No comments with the pick, but with all the mocks that are going with Phillips at #12 I think we get the idea. -- TSG
Sports City - (Updated 2/22) #12 - Keith Rivers LB 6-3 230 USC Another pick for Rivers. -- TSG
Fantasy Football Jungle - (Updated 3/3) #12 - Chris Williams OT 6-6 320 Vanderbilt Their Take - "With the retirement of Lepsis the Broncos could use a new OT on the roster that fits their style of offense. Williams really did a good job this past season and had a great week of practice and game at the Senior Bowl, which is why he is moving up draft boards. In the Senior Bowl he positioned himself well in the run game and excelled in pass protection. He didn't show a lot of strength at the combine, but he made up for it in speed and agility which fits this teams cut-blocking scheme."
Draft Season - (Updated 3/3) #12 - Ryan Clady OT 6-6 320 Boise State Their Take - "The Broncos will look to upgrade their undersized offensive line with this here pick. Clady weighs more right now then the current right side of Denver's line."
Phin Fever - (Updated 3/1) #12 - Kenny Phillips FS 6-2 210 Miami Their Take - "Lynch cant play forever and Phillips is by far the best Safety available. Potentially he is a do it all type of player and can start right away for the Broncos even if Lynch continues to play."

Results To Date -- 2/12/08

By Position
Position #
Offensive Tackle 16
Linebacker 16
Safety 8
Defensive Tackle 2
Wide Receiver 2
Defensive End 2

By Player
Position #
Kenny Phillips(FS) 8
Ryan Clady(OT) 8
Keith Rivers(OLB) 8
Dan Connor(OLB) 7
Chris Williams(OT) 6
DeSean Jackson(WR) 1
Sam Baker(OT) 1
Frank Okam(DT) 1
Early Doucet(WR) 1
Limas Sweed(WR) 1
Calais Campbell(DE) 1
Derrick Harvey(DE) 1