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MHR 2009 NFL Mock Draft Database -- Round 1


Welcome! You've arrived at's 2009 Denver Broncos Mock Draft Database. The goal of this database is to provide Broncos fans the latest information on who the "experts" think the Broncos will target with the 12th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Since draft season is nearly as big as the regular season, and it's affects are long lasting year after year, being educated on the players available is as important to being a Bronco fan as is knowing who wears #6.

If you're unfamiliar with Mile High Report, it's your independent source for all things Denver Broncos, especially as we enter the draft season. Myself, along with an incredible community of Broncos fans, use MHR to inform, educate, rant, and get our daily fix of Denver Broncos news and notes, 24 hours a day/7 day a week, all year long! So stick around, Register and join the community. You're free to write your own articles, comment, speculate, as long as it's Broncos related, it's fine here!

If you see an outdated Mock Draft, or know of a Mock Draft that should be added, please e-mail me at


2008 Mock Draft Database
Site 1st Rnd Pick Pos. Ht. Wt. College Pick Assessment
Sports Projections - Updated 1/16) Ray Maualuga ILB
6-3 260

Football Jabber - Updated 1/16) Peria Jerry DT
6-2 290

Draft Empire - Updated 1/14) B.J. Raji DT
6-1 323


Draft King - (Updated 1/14) James Laurinaitis
LB 6-3 240 Ohio State
Their Take - "There is some talk that the Broncos will move D.J. Williams to MLB to replace Nate Webster, who is entering free agency. Alternately, the Broncos could bring in a major talent like Laurinaitis to shore up the middle of the defense for years to come.

Laurinaitis would likely have been a top 15 pick if he had turned pro last year, and with another year of seasoning he seems like an even stronger prospect. Lauritanitis is 6'2" 240 and runs a sub 4.6 40. If the Saints lose Vilma and hope to get either Laurinaitis or Rey Maualuga there is risk involved, but the reward of a player of Laurinaitis' caliber could prove to be worth it."

New NFL Draft - (Updated 1/14) Knowshon Moreno RB 5-11 208 Georgia

Their Take --
The Broncos didn't have an everyday RB in the 2008 season and that is exactly what Knowshon Moreno is. Look for him to complement the Broncos Offense and open up the running game even more for Cutler in the 2009 NFL Season.

FF Toolbox -
Joel Welser -

(Updated 1/13)
James Laurinaitis ILB 6-3 240 Ohio State

Their Take -

James Laurinaitis could have been a top 15 or 20 pick last year and he returned to Ohio State to try and win a national championship. If he has a good 2008 season, Laurinaitis should go higher than this, but NFL scouts knew what they were getting with him last year and a poor 2008 will hurt him more than a good 2008 will help him. However, his 2008 has gone pretty well and he should not fall past the top 20.
Fantasy Football Jungle -
(Updated 1/13)
Knowshon Moreno RB 5-11 208 Georgia Their Take --
Now the Broncos should really take a defensive player here seeing that travesty of defense they played against San Diego to end the season. But that whole 7 running backs put on IR this season will come up and force them to take Knowshon Moreno. None of those 7 running backs they had on the roster really produced either (other then Peyton Hillis) who was a converted fullback from college. They take Moreno and hope he can be one of those do it all backs for them and help the Broncos focus on some other needs.
Draft Guru - (Updated 1/13) Terrance Cody(did not declare) DT 6-5 385 Alabama Their Take --
The Bronco’s had an explosive offense in 08 but still trailed many of their games late. Defense was the biggest problem (even more so than using 7 or 8 RB’s) so Denver should go CODY here to shore up the DL and focus on stopping the run.
Drafting for the Future
- (Updated 1/13)
Knowshon Moreno RB 5-11 208 Georgia Their Take -N/A
Pro Sports Draft - (Updated 1/12) Brandon Spikes(did not declare) LB 6-3 243 Florida Their Take -N/A
New Sport Draft (Updated 1/11) Knowshon Moreno RB 5-11 208 Georgia Their Take -N/A
Ramblin' Fan - (Updated 1/11) Ray Maualuga ILB 6-3 260 USC Their Take - "Denver needs to find a way to stop the run. They can fill that need with Maualuga. Denver could also go with a DE at this position."
FF Toolbox -
Raul Colon
(Updated 1/10)
Terrance Cody(did not declare) DT 6-5 385 Alabama Their Take -N/A
Sports Fantasy Guide (Updated 1/10) Ray Maualuga ILB 6-3 260 USC Their Take -

"There is nothing wrong with the Broncos offense. The reason that Denver ended the season on a losing streak was because of their defense. They could not stop anyone. With the 12th pick in the 2009 NFL draft expect the Broncos to improve their defense and picking Rey Mauagula will drastically help them.

Rey Mauagula is an Inside Linebacker who has exceptional speed and size. He is listed at 260lbs of pure muscle. He will bring leadership and intensity to a defense that was lacking it all of 2008."

Draft Ace - (Updated 1/10) Malcolm Jenkins CB 6-1 201 Ohio State Their Take -- "With the firing of Shannahan, majors changes are coming in Denver. Champ Bailey is on the wrong side of 30 and is beginning to slow down and Dre Bly is one of the league's most overrated cornerbacks. The Broncos grabbed just 6 interceptions this season - second worst behind the Lions. Jenkins is an elite prospect, and would be a steal this late in the draft.."
NE Patriots Draft
- (Updated 1/10)
Vontae Davis CB 6-0 184 Illinois Their Take -- "Has the potential to be a shutdown corner at the next level, and is still learning the position. Great speed and agility offset false steps that coaches will work to get rid of."
Walter Football -
Matt McGuire

(Updated 1/10)
Ray Maualuga ILB 6-3 260 USC Their Take - "The Broncos are fortunate that inside linebacker is a dime-a-dozen position in the league. The consensus No. 1 inside linebacker goes to them at No. 12 bringing tenacity, range, strength, and athleticism for their defense."
Seahawks Draft - (Updated 1/10) Aaron Maybin DE 6-4 236 Penn State Their Take -"The Broncos awful defense could do with improving at every position. The appointment of Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator suggests a shift to a 3-4 defense, perfect for the talented Maybin."
NFL Draft Blitz
- (Updated 1/9)
Brandon Spikes(did not declare) MLB 6-3 243 Florida Their Take - "Unless the ILB position is addressed during free agency, this is a must in round one. Nate Webster's fire and desire (thanks Rick James) are appreciated, but he simply lacks the talent to be a difference maker. Spikes, though not as big a name, may be a better pro than the other top LB's in the draft. "
FF Toolbox - Ricky Dimon
(Updated 1/8)
James Laurinaitis ILB 6-3 240 Ohio State Their Take - "Laurinaitis' attributes are speed, toughness, smarts, and an endless motor. The Broncos need all of that and more after collapsing in 2008 and on the verge of starting over in 2009 under a new head coach."
Draft Headquarters - (Updated 1/7) Aaron Curry OLB 6-3 247 Wake Forest Their Take -- "The Broncos defense was among the worst in the league this season. They suffered from more injuries than any other team in the league. They need to add a leader to the defense, someone who you can count on to get the job done. That's exactly what Curry is. There's a chance that Curry could go higher than this, however I think that he'd be a nice fit with Denver. They could also go with Knowshon Moreno and upgrade their running back position."
Mock Draft Aces - (Updated 1/7) Ray Maualuga ILB 6-3 260 USC Their Take -- "This is a tough pick here. Every year it seems the Broncos are ranked near the bottom of the league in run defense and this year is no different as they were ranked 29th out of 32. They also fielded one of the worst pair of starting safeties I have ever seen and will need to address the position at some point in the draft. With Taylor Mays, William Moore, Rey Maualuga, James Laurainitis, and the top DT on the board, Denver really can't miss here. Which ever way they go it will be an upgrade to that defense. Maulaluga, 2008 NCAA defensive player of the year, is a monster at 6-3 and 255 lbs and will give them the big presence in the middle they have been lacking."
College Sports Master - (Updated 1/7) Ray Maualuga ILB 6-3 260 USC Their Take - N/A
APFootball - (Updated 1/6) Knowshon Moreno RB 5-11 208 Georgia Their Take - "Mike Shanahan is recently fired, and whoever the new coach is probably won't share the same philosophy as he did on running backs. Tatum Bell should not start for any non-Shanahan coached team and the Broncos will need to find a replacement. Enter Moreno, an absolute punisher. If he isn't an every-down back, he can at least contribute in short yardage situations."
Lucky Lestor (Updated 1/6) B.J. Raji DT 6-1 323 Boston College Their Take - "The Broncos have been brutal at stopping the run for sometime, and it's very likely that Mike Shannahan's insistence on grabbing opposing teams leftovers instead of drafting some help up front is what got him fired in the first place. I expect the next guy in line to do his damnedest to strengthen the defensive front, and starting with a massive defensive lineman that will free up linebackers while putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks is probably a good start. Raji's 6.5 sacks and numerous runs stuffed will certainly help Denver's front."
Draft Bulletin - (Updated 1/5) Chris Wells RB 6-1 235 Ohio State N/A
NFL Smackdown - (Updated 1/4) Knowshon Moreno RB 5-11 208 Georgia Their Take "Would love to address the defense, however, Tatum Bell isn't the answer here, and Moreno would be an instant upgrade for Jay Cutler and that explosive offense. Love the pick, but they need to address the defense through out the rest of the draft. "

Total Counts (1/16/09):

By Position
Position #
Inside Linebacker 11
Runningback 7
Defensive Tackle 5
Cornerback 2
Defensive End 1
Outside Linebacker 1
By Player
Position #
Knowshon Moreno(RB) 6
Rey Maualuga (ILB) 6
James Laurinaitis (ILB) 3
BJ Raji (DT) 2
Aaron Maybin (DE) 1
Malcolm Jenkins (CB) 1
Vontae Davis (CB) 1
Chris Wells (RB) 1
Aaron Curry (OLB) 1
Peria Jerry (DT) 1