Broncos defensive tackle Mike Purcell screams at quarterback Russell Wilson

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

In the fourth quarter, as the Denver Broncos were trailing the Carolina Panthers by multiple scores, defensive tackle Mike Purcell was shown screaming at quarterback Russell Wilson. The Broncos ended up losing the game by the score of 23-10 and falling to an abysmal 3-8 record under Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett. Are we starting to see frustrations starting to boil over?

The Broncos' defense has been playing their asses off all season and is a big reason why this team even has three wins currently. However, with the offense being inept as they come, their efforts have all been for nothing really. In this one, where the Broncos' offense once again looked terrible, it appears the defense has finally snapped.

With all that said, this was not the defense's best game of the season, but still, the frustrations are understandable.

After the game, quarterback Russell Wilson told reporters that Purcell came up to him and said “Let's fu*king go!”. He said that he loved seeing this passion and fire from Purcell and said that he and Purcell are both on the same page. Purcell told reporters after the game that he was just trying to light a spark under the offense and help get them going and that this all came from a “place of love”.

Now, is this what happened? Or is this the Broncos' PR working their magic and trying to put out the flames of a potential issue? We may never know the true answer here, but in the end, it appears frustrations are starting to boil over at least a little bit.

Now, does Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett survive losing to another three-win team by two scores with yet another inept offensive showing? This display of frustration that happened right in front of Hackett who did nothing about it also displays the lack of leadership and accountability he has been showing since becoming the Head Coach of this team.

I find it hard to believe that he survives this game, but if he does, he truly is lasting until the end of the season.

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