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NFL Power Rankings

This section covers Mile High Report's own original NFL Power Rankings, as well as Broncos Power Rankings from around the web each week.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

There is a familiar team back atop my weekly power rankings. After a couple of speed bumps, the Arizona Cardinals have the NFL’s best record.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

The AFC is finally represented at the top of the weekly power rankings with the Tennessee Titans proving once again they are one of the best teams in the league in 2021.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Does the AFC finally have a powerhouse team for 2021? The only team that seems to just keep on trucking is the Tennessee Titans.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

The Los Angeles Rams have all of the chips on the table and they look like the most dangerous team in the NFL heading into Week 9.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

The top eight teams are beginning to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

The downward spiral for the Denver Broncos is nearly complete. A loss this Thursday will cement them almost at the back of the pack.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

The upper echelons of the NFL is beginning to take shape and the Denver Broncos are no where near it after five games.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

The landscape of the 2021 NFL season beginning to take shape and we’re definitely seeing which teams are going to rise to the top and which will not.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

There a couple of surprise teams rising into the Top 10 after three weeks. We’ll have to wait and see how they do as we head into October-November.

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

The Denver Broncos are 2-0. How does this start to the season help them in the power rankings for Week 3?

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

The Denver Broncos made a statement in Week 1 that things might be different in the Mile High City. How did that improve their subjective rankings across the NFL heading into Week 2?

2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

The Denver Broncos are better than people think, but they still have a lot of work to do and a lot to prove before they move up these boards.

2021 Pre-Draft Power Rankings

What does every team need to chase a Super Bowl?

NFL Power Rankings - Week 2

Some big changes in the power rankings this week as there were multiple upsets to being the year and some major letdowns.

NFL Power Rankings - Week 1

The Kansas City Chiefs are the reigning champions and it is on the rest of the NFL to begin to knock them off their perch.

NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Win from now on?

Are the Denver Broncos ready to chase some victories? That’s some 7-9...

NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Locked and loaded

The Denver Broncos are climbing, but how far will they go with Drew Lock at the helm?

NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Looking ahead to the Drew Lock era

How do the Broncos stack up for 2020 and beyond?

NFL Power Rankings Week 13: Tankapalooza?

If the Denver Broncos are stuck at five, who could be there for them in the 2020 NFL Draft?

NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Mostly Static

You know you got your rankings right when they’re basically unchanged after a week of action.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Separating the contenders from pretenders

Who really has a shot at the postseason? Here are your Week 11 power rankings.

NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Who feasts on turkey over the second half of the season?

Schedule luck has an unsung impact on narratives shaping the league. Who will rise and fall based on their upcoming opponents?

NFL Power Rankings Week 9: A Way-Too-Early look at free agents the Broncos should consider.

It’s never too early for a 2-6 team to look ahead, right?

NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Broncos at the Trade Deadline, who’s buying and selling?

If the Denver Broncos are looking to make deadline deals, who’s buying?

NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Can the Broncos shock the NFL world against the Chiefs?

The Denver Broncos will have everyone’s attention on Thursday Night Football. Can they keep the win streak alive?

NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Can the Broncos climb back to relevance?

1-4 never felt so good.

NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Adjusting to the Broncos’ world of suck

So we know the Denver Broncos are not a playoff contender. There’s still plenty to watch for.

NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Can the Broncos climb out of the cellar?

Where do the Broncos go from here?

NFL Power Rankings Week 3: Can the Broncos upset a Super Bowl Contender?

The "easy" part of Denver Broncos schedule is in the rearview. Welcome to the meat grinder.

NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Who can beat New England? (probably no one)

It’s overreaction week! Here is how I rank the NFL after the first week of the 2019 regular season.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

So it begins. Here is how the NFL landscape looks heading into Week 1 of the 2019 regular season.

Preseason NFL Power Rankings

How high can the Denver Broncos climb? Here is a pre-training camp NFL power rankings list.

Way-too-early power ranking now that the 2019 NFL Draft is over

Who got better in the draft? Who slid down the board?

NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

The Broncos have finally found consistency: Too bad it’s consistently horrible play calling and performance.

NFL Power Rankings: Los Angeles Rams are the best team in NFL

Half the teams won and half the teams lost. We’re here to figure out where they rank amongst themselves.

NFL Power Rankings: Broncos are a lot better than people think

Here is how the NFL is shaping up heading into Week 1 of the 2018 regular season. Who are the contenders and who are the pretenders?