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Something Something Broncos podcast with Mike DeCicco and Jess Place is now on ApplePodcasts, iHeartRadio, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and anywhere else you get your podcasts. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.

SSB: A new Broncos landscape in 2023

Change is good.

Perspective: Who is the worst Broncos coach in the post-Shanahan era?

Which one would you pick?

Could Broncos loss to Chiefs be the high-water mark for the 2022 season?

What does it mean when a loss is more interesting than any of the wins?

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Podcast: Nothing new with Broncos loss to Ravens

As numbness sets in as a Denver Broncos fan, nothing surprises Mike DeCicco or Jess Place anymore. What does the future hold for these Broncos looking forward to next season? They discuss on this week's episode of Something Something Broncos.

Could the Broncos lose the rest of their games this season?

It’s a real possibility.

Paton nets Broncos haul for Bradley Chubb

The 2023 draft just got a lot more interesting after the Denver Broncos added a first round pick by trading OLB Bradley Chubb this week.

Are the Broncos now a “coach away” from competing?

As hilarious as it is to ask this question, but are the Denver Broncos now a ‘coach away’ from winning? They were a ‘quarterback away’ as early as February...

Something Something Broncos: Fixes looking forward to the Houston Texans

Jess and Mike look at remedies for what brought down Denver in week 1.

It’s Seahawks week, in Broncos Country! Let’s ride!

Something Something Broncos looks at the Week 1 matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

Who was the most surprising cut by the Broncos this week?

On Something Something Broncos this week, Mike and Jess talk about the flurry of roster cuts on Tuesday. Who was the most surprising cut?

Something Something Broncos recaps the Bills loss and looks ahead to preseason finale

Jess Place and Mike DeCicco review the Denver Broncos loss to the Buffalo Bills and talks Minnesota Vikings as team prepares for preseason finale.

How ‘bout them Cowboys? How ‘bout them Bills and Von Miller.

Jess Place and Mike DeCicco break down the upcoming Denver Broncos game with Von Miller and the Buffalo Bills on the latest Something Something Broncos podcast.

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PODCAST: Something Something Broncos breaks down the upcoming Cowboys game and more

Mike and Jess of Something Something Broncos look ahead to the preseason opener against Dallas this Saturday, take a moment to remember their favorite Demaryius Thomas moments, and imagine the unlikely event that the Broncos struggle this year. Thank goodness for Russell Wilson!

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Looking back on the first week of Broncos camp

A full house got together for an episode of Something Something Broncos on Monday night. Rachel Strand and Tanner Watts join Mike and Jess to reflect on a great first week of training camp. This episode was recorded on Monday, August 1, 2022.

Seriously, why hasn’t Broncos Rod Smith sniffed the Hall of Fame?

When you look at it, it’s kind of amazing he’s not more part of the conversation.

Optimism gives way to ugly Denver Broncos reality

Remember two months ago when we thought the Broncos could make some noise this year? That was nice.

Broncos’ superfan ‘Rescue Rob’ Garner gets inducted into ‘Hall of Fans’ in Canton

It’s great when the Hall of Fame opens its doors to the Broncos, even better when it does so for a fan.

Haynes and Gilchrist: The Broncos’ first great running back duo

The tradition of great running backs in Denver had to start somewhere.

Who were the Broncos’ three amigos?

If you were alive and out of diapers during the late 1980s and early 1990s, then you probably remember Mark Jackson, Vance Johnson, and Ricky Nattiel.

What was the Orange Crush defense?

The Denver Broncos first playoff berth came in 1977 and was spearheaded by the Orange Crush defense. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

1996 squad voted greatest Broncos team never to win a Super Bowl

The title for the greatest Denver Broncos team never to win a Super Bowl goes to that 1996 team upset by the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars.

NFL will not reschedule dates for 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL sent a memo to clubs informing them that the 2020 NFL Draft will go on as scheduled on April 23-25.

Broncos have done well to start free agency

The way the Denver Broncos have navigated free agency is unlike any of us expected, but most of us should come away pleasantly surprised.

Podcast: Could wide receiver be the Broncos highest priority with their first round pick?

The Denver Broncos have been meeting with a lot of wide receivers at the NFL Scouting Combine. That could bode well for the offense if they follow through in the first round.

Which Broncos unrestricted free agents should the team try to re-sign?

The Denver Broncos have a healthy list of unrestricted free agents heading into 2020 free agency. Which players should they consider extending an offer to?

The NFL Pro Bowl is a joke

Sure it’s a fantastic celebrity event that’s great for fans - and I’m all for it - but let’s please stop touting it as a prestigious honor for NFL players.

It’s okay for Broncos fans to be mad at the Hall of Fame

Great Denver Broncos getting ignored is frustrating, so its okay for us fans to be frustrated and angry with the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting process.

Feeling ‘grinchy’ about these losses? Yeah, me too.

There’s no way around it - losing is a drag. But losing consistently is downright miserable. So it’s time for a #Broncos’ ‘Grinch’ story...

It’s okay if the Broncos get blown out by the Chiefs on Sunday

This time. The Denver Broncos are playing for 2020 and the Kansas City Chiefs are playing for playoff seeding. With a rookie quarterback, we should expect things to be difficult on Sunday.

Drew Lock had himself a solid start to his NFL career

The Denver Broncos beat the Los Angeles Chargers 23-20 and a big part of that was Drew Lock finding ways to move the football with the game on the line.

Would Drew Lock starting for the Broncos bring excitement to the fanbase?

Laurie, Tim, and Jess break down the latest Denver Broncos loss and look ahead to Drew Lock and the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 13.

Broncos need to build on the good from the Vikings to beat the Bills

Laurie and Jess go over the good from the Denver Broncos loss last week and how they might be able to come out of Buffalo with a win on Sunday.

How many wins in the next five will it take for you to feel good about the Broncos?

Laurie, Jess and I look at the next five games and wonder how many wins will it take to feel good about this team on the other side.

When should Broncos put Drew Lock on the field?

Given Brandon Allen’s first win as a starting quarterback, the decision of "when to see what you’ve got in Lock" becomes a little murkier perhaps.

Have Broncos fans lost confidence in John Elway?

Elway will always be a legend, but what does the future hold?

FanPulse: Broncos fan confidence has entered ‘rebuilding mode’

The Denver Broncos have entered another losing streak as fan confidence has reached all-time lows. It’s okay though, the team is actually rebuilding despite their rhetoric.


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